I deleted my twitter and facebook accounts becasue everyone on there is a russian puppet.

Every. One.

The worst thing to hear in a meeting:

"It would be really great if…"

😬 Actually "Grimacing Face" comes up when I search for "teeth." So now we know.

The only dental-related emoji is bluetooth 📶
I went to the dentist today and I was a brave boy

Magnitude: 2.0 Depth: 2.4 km
Details: 2019/04/26 09:17:03 33.894N 116.257W
Location: 15 km (9 mi) NE of Thousand Palms, CA
Map: google.com/maps/place/33°53'38
#EarthQuake #Quake #California

Gmail auto-reply options are a little too "rasta bro" for my taste.

C'mon Prince. She can either be a little red corvette or a limousine, not both.

Yes there are eight two-letter words in that last toot.

I feel I need to repeat my meeting rules: 1. No meetings before noon on Monday 2. No meetings after noon Friday 3. Meetings should be scheduled for 25 or 50 minutes to allow travel time 4. Agendas are mandatory 5. There must be assigned actionable items by the end of the meeting

Let's all take this tragic time to post a veiled humblebrag about the time you visited

**Pilot total air time: 139**

**Pilot total flights: 262**

**Current wing airtime: 32**

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