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Okay, giving another try at reading the Master and Margarita

Hitting the ground running after a week off.

It's sometimes just astounding how bad Spotify can be.

New music rundown I'm looking forward to: London Grammar (this Friday!), Bloto (Polish Jazz), Hiatus Kaiyote, and Damien Jurado. Lots of good stuff.

Digital Camper Rule #1: "Leave No Trace". If you're done with or not using a service anymore, deactivate your account and request all your stored information be deleted.

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lots of coffee, new music, good weather, spring cleaning, repotting plants, let's go.

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Permutations are a type of problem I've always struggled with (only learned the actual name recently) and this series of lessons is really helpful.

I wonder if theres a name for the behavior of automatically skipping over text trying to find the point of an article due to the assumption that most content is filler.

I feel completely validated in saying I miss the '90s

Didn't realize how cold my basement got. Apparently cold enough that all my microgreens wilted.

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