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Starting an all banjo Bon Jovi cover band. Not sure what to call it...

Getting decent at using my mouse with only my left hand. These are the skills you need in the modern workforce.

If I don't want to use amazon, what's a good site for ordering electronic components?

Hm, ears are ringing after playing guitar. Maybe I should turn the amp down a little...

My interest in reel-to-reel has manifested as a Fujiya Corder

Finished an edx data science program and finally got my business certificate. Very professional looking.

I feel like the misuse of the word "literally" has figuratively been skyrocketing lately.

Took my keyboard (piano) apart for a good cleaning and all the keys work again, like new.

Turning my workspace into an area where I actually enjoy spending time.

For people who write regularly, how do you work it in to your schedule? Is there a specific time you block off or just whenever you're free?

I've found a new appreciation for my french press by using it for loose leaf tea. Tea all day.

Pear Mead. The one of the left will look like the one on the right in a few months.

This has been some of my favorite music lately. With all the top album lists coming out, this feels like it exists in an overlooked corner room.

Everyone thinks Arkansas should be pronounced "our-kansas", but maybe Kansas should be pronounced "kinsaw" 🤔

Any suggestions on good datasets to use for some stats practice?

Got myself a pair of birkenstocks for wearing around the house. Very good choice.

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