PSA: Don't swallow thumb drives you find in the parking lot. It could have been placed there with malicious intent.

Yup, mypaint is where its at. So satisfying to use. Great suggestion. I'll have to check out krita next.

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Any digital illustrators? What programs do you use for simple work? Figured I would just work with Gimp.

hot take: the worst walrus-stache is always better than the best goatee.

English isn't wierd as long as you obey all the rules.

You: Good Morning!
Me: (I feel personally attacked)

Who else celebrates Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday by eating unimaginable amounts of Paczki?

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Good morning! Today’s album is “Fantasies” by Metric.

I never really followed music/bands until Metric, and this was the first time an album came out that really changed the musical direction of one of my favs. Really raw sound, with Emily Haines amazing voice 😍 Metric would lean further into the electronic music angle in subsequent albums.

Lots of stories in these songs, which I love, but also a kind of pop feel. Favourite song: “Gimme Sympathy”

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What's your preferred email provider? Not looking for anything fancy.


Anyone familiar with using LineageOS? Thinking of giving it a go.

What's Mississauga's favorite Miyazaki film? 

If you're into Jazz, check out the yt channel Marcel the Drunkard. Good stuff.

Nothing beats the feeling of a successful, non-awkward social interaction.

Forgot how good Enter Shikari's Common Dreads album is.

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