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NODE zine - 180 beautiful, black-and-white pages full of open hardware and decentralised software projects

Electronic Music/John Frusciante 

A cool write-up on Frusciante's musical inspirations and guide to a lot of classics of various scenes. Excited to see what next comes out of his work with RHCP.

Wow, now here's a website. Zombocom's got nothing on this.

ISO Asylum where the lunatics haven't taken over, or, at least, where the lunatics are cool and mean well.

The folks up in marketing did a knock-out job with peanut butter. I would be buying far less if it was aptly named peanut paste.

Impostor Syndrome 

Sometimes when looking at code that I'm completely familiar with, I remember I never went to college for programming and think "you're not a developer, what are you doing looking at code? How do you know how to do this?". I've been doing this for 8 years.

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InternX seems like a cool program to break into STEM fields. Anyone have any experience with it? (not for me, just curious)

Just learned about SPARS codes and looking through my cds I only found two that have it. How does one go about finding recording/mixing information for albums before purchasing?

Hm, it seems like duck duck go is having problems searching. Hopefully it's just me.


First attempt at a carbonara last night, with heirloom tomatoes and fresh snap peas. Era Buono. Will definitely be making again.

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