If you're into Jazz, check out the yt channel Marcel the Drunkard. Good stuff.

Nothing beats the feeling of a successful, non-awkward social interaction.

Forgot how good Enter Shikari's Common Dreads album is.

Anyone worked with AgOpenGPS before? Maybe my next side project. agopengps.jimdosite.com/

This is cool. A good example of technology actually solving problems and making the market more efficient. bbc.com/news/business-50974009

Driving Hack: Use your turn signal to indicate to other drivers which way you plan on turning.

This is actually one of the better explanations of linear regression I have read in a while. 

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the problem with being involved with Michigan music is not that you're missing out but being acutely aware you're not contributing

Sufficiently complex technology is indistinguishable from spaghetti.

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Let's see how many people I can get to block me today.
My guess: 0

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