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It'd be fun to just start calling fediverse stuff Web6, implying we're three steps ahead of the losers pumping up Web3 scams.

doing some cleaning, found this. is that image implying something about younger me? XD

fast food, cursed food image 

ok, i'm sorry, someone is trolling at this point. this is truly cursed

White Castle Pâté


10 White Castle® Sliders
4 tablespoons Steak sauce
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon Sweet mustard
2 tablespoons Sweet barbeque sauce
1 teaspoon Hot sauce


1. Mix all the ingredients in blender (pickles, buns, everything).
2. Form into ball.
3. Chill well.
4. Serve with crackers.

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fast food 

let's not talk about how i got here, but did you know that white castle has a turkey stuffing recipe?

If you have some spare cash, want to support independent artists, raise awareness for anti-microbial resistance and top it with a cool comic book, this has it all:

i've struggled to become better with functional programming for years. a dear friend wrote this article to help explain some basic concepts. i'm finding it to be enlightening and it's worth sharing. happy hacking =)

there are some cool things happening in the kubernetes cluster api community, we have recently pushed forward to support a kubemark provider to help with testing cluster lifecycle components.

i wrote up some of my thoughts and a description of my devel environment:

Today I received the tragic news that Jörg Schilling, famous for #cdrtools, #star and other projects, has passed away. Regardless of all the flamewars we had over licensing in the past, Jörg was a giant to me. May he find peace. Thank you, Jörg, for all you did.

watching a cool code walkthrough for the Kubernetes Cluster API project, kudos to the community for creating such a nice video:

is there a difference between a /deepest darkest secret/ and a /deepest dankest secret/ ?

completed my first project \o/

been learning the framework for a couple months now, and i gotta say i've accomplished more during those months than i have during the entire last year when i was hacking away on my own engines/games.

mad props and love to the godot team! <3

it's a very simple game, based off r/p/s, but i wanted something i could finish and didn't have to create too many rules. GPLv3 code and using CC licensed art/fonts.

The Thumble is done!

A DIY midi controller made from microcontroller, keyboard switches, & laser cut plywood. open hardware, GPL firmware.

I added build photos and a Lessons Learned section at the end. This is surprisingly different to play than my previous instrument, the Waffletone - dancing thumbs instead of stationary fingers make a big difference. Next time I'll use flatter stiffer keys and spread them out a bit more.


in the matrix, we see a shot of neo's passport which says that it expires on 11 september 2001. it also says neo is a resident of 'capital city', suggesting the matrix and the simpsons take place in the same universe

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