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Just so that we all agree: eating two cans of Ben & Jerry's ice cream is a perfectly reasonable reaction to a long and stressful day, right?

Such is the life of a hobby project...
Almost 5 years to the day: a 0.1.0 release 😁

if you are looking for something tech related to watch this saturday, the OKD community is hosting a free installation and testing workshop. OKD is the community edition of OpenShift, built on top of Fedora CoreOS. i will have a very small part to play in the day, but it should be fun for all (for a value of fun that includes an interest in distributed systems XD).

more info

#TIL The Art of Digital Design by David Winkel and Franklin Prosser. If you read and follow the book to the end, you'll have a PDP-8 computer. #retrocomputing #electronics

something that has fascinated me recently is the notion of software development as a lens into absurdist art. i'm still condensing my thoughts, but i've created my first project in my new absurdism phase XD

i present, Camelot, a pure Yaml document server.

I'm really surprised no one in the late 20th century made a DOS distribution called ZarDOS, with Sean Connery's Zed as the logo.

i attended the Chaos Carnival last week, here are my thoughts on the conference and some talks:

i don't care what anyone says, giraffes are pure magic!

i never really knew much about Portuguese holiday cooking, but i am eternally curious and i love to eat XD

thanks @ruivieira for sharing!

i love those image matching memory type games, so i made myself one =D

gpl licensed with artwork from

check out the source here:

or a live running version here:

i regret to inform you all that i have found a picture of the ultimate gaming setup

@mikew i love Pixel Monster Bot, thank you for sharing it!

i do have a couple questions

1. is it open source?
2. what is the license on the images created? (eg are we allowed to re-use/remix the monsters)

There is a computer disease that anybody who works with computers knows about. It's a very serious disease and it interferes completely with the work. The trouble with computers is that you 'play' with them!

— Richard P. Feynman

A lot of online bios (I think I did this also, at some point) follow the cliché non sequitur: A, A, B; with A being a high-level endeavour or noble pursuit and B a, seemingly at odds, interest that supposedly provides a comic effect due to implicitly being as important to the person as A. For instance:

- Philosophy, Quantum mechanics, cooking
- Literature, human rights, cycling
- Cancer research, digital freedom, pokemon


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