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It is by the algorithm alone I set my mind in motion.
It is by the numbers of life that the algorithm acquires data,
the functions acquire cycles,
the cycles become a warning.
It is by the algorithm alone I set my mind in motion.

(cc @ManyAngled)

if you are looking for something to watch for the next hour, my colleague Joel and i are about to give a talk about and the cluster-api project. it's free, come join us!

How do I learn to love C? Most of my experience with it in college was doing things that I would find easier to do in other languages.

I feel like I just have the wrong mindset when writing C. Does anyone have any recommendations on books, videos, etc. that they think would be helpful?

Boosts appreciated.

#c #programming #linux #unix

i think i love this

it opens 100 tabs to help fool trackers about what you like. props to the folks who came up with this =)

Another micro-post in a introductory series to data science concepts: Linear Separability and Perceptrons -

trying to work myself back into the habit of creating blog posts. here are some of my tips for experimenting with the core of your openshift cluster:

Can't stop thinking about the Mozilla layoffs and what it means for the web. Andreas Gal's "Chrome won" post from 2017 comes to mind:

When it comes down to it, browsers are about people using it, especially if you're trying to build your own rendering engine and maintain compatibility with websites. You can't build your own engine and have single-digit market share, or you wind up in a compatibility death spiral (see: Opera, Edge).

whenever i'm posting on an issue tracker for some open source software maintained by volunteers i feel really like. i dunno. i don't like to put lots of pleasantries because i never see that. but i keep wanting to say "thank you so much for your help!" etc. but i don't ever see anyone else write like that. maybe it's a macho culture thing? like if someone's taking their time to fix some bug just to help me i really wanna thank them. but maybe it's inappropriate? why don't people do it more often

found this groovy collection of fan made guitar tablature for Phish. only credit i can find is reddit user everyone_is_human (wherever you are, thanks for doing this!)

my life currently:

trying to find a specific commit in the kubernetes source using tig

RIP John Lewis, you inspired me more than you can know.

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