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love this picture!

credit to reddit user Ehalleck

"60 Second exposure at Burning Man looks like an ocean of Lights. Those are all bikes with LED passing by."

Anybody else is also reading "Deep Learning" as "Derp Learning" every time?

Je viens de découvrir le projet OpenEmoji.
Un projet de set d’émojis indépendant et libre de droit, initié par des étudiants d'une école d'art allemande.
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a nice deep look at software source dependencies. nothing /too/ earth shattering if you've been in the software game for a few years, but a really nice exploration.

Six-word horror stories 

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i am just reading about Collapse OS, an operating system designed for after the apocalypse.

i like the idea, but i also kinda wonder about becoming the tech shaman of a post apocalyptic tribe of thunderdome worshipping loonies.

i don't know, the jury is still out on that career move XD

this morning I finished a long writeup of the #cyberdeck construction process across four different prototypes, starting over a year ago to the mark IV build I completed last week and

software prediction:

monolithic applications will come back into style, but they will be known as "megaservices".

coreboot is an open source firmware alternative which aims to replace your standard BIOS or UEFI. The overall philosophy of coreboot is: Do as much as needed, then jump straight payload. But wait.. what actually is your firmware good for? And what is a payload? Let”s do a short recap before we jump straight into coreboot.

rest in peace Robert Hunter

"If I knew the way, I would take you home"

A new edition of the book Modern C is now available under a CC license at

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need some live poetry in your life?

here is a Kate Tempest performance that a friend shared with me

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"y'all" is a power word. Deliberately gender inclusive to those who know better. Slightly folksy and charming to those who don't.

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