i never really knew much about Portuguese holiday cooking, but i am eternally curious and i love to eat XD

thanks @ruivieira for sharing!


i love those image matching memory type games, so i made myself one =D

gpl licensed with artwork from game-icons.net/

check out the source here: gitlab.com/elmiko/open-matchin

or a live running version here: omg.opbstudios.com

@skelly ahh, very cool! i've never tried those truck sim games, but i really want to have a giant steering wheel attachment =)

i regret to inform you all that i have found a picture of the ultimate gaming setup

@stunder thanks! it seems like he has been more active on twitter so i am hopeful =)

i couldn't find a github link for his code, although i did see his personal site and there was no reference to code or licenses.

@mikew i love Pixel Monster Bot, thank you for sharing it!

i do have a couple questions

1. is it open source?
2. what is the license on the images created? (eg are we allowed to re-use/remix the monsters)

There is a computer disease that anybody who works with computers knows about. It's a very serious disease and it interferes completely with the work. The trouble with computers is that you 'play' with them!

— Richard P. Feynman

A lot of online bios (I think I did this also, at some point) follow the cliché non sequitur: A, A, B; with A being a high-level endeavour or noble pursuit and B a, seemingly at odds, interest that supposedly provides a comic effect due to implicitly being as important to the person as A. For instance:

- Philosophy, Quantum mechanics, cooking
- Literature, human rights, cycling
- Cancer research, digital freedom, pokemon


it's only umami if it's from the umami region of japan, otherwise it's just sparkling salty

@robey fellow linux/yubikey user, i've been happy with the usb-a yubikey 5. i have the nano one as well, but i prefer the features on the 5.

@deshipu very cool, thanks for sharing!

i have not given a serious try with the split keyboards yet, but i am ever curious ;)

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