if you are looking for something to watch for the next hour, my colleague Joel and i are about to give a talk about and the cluster-api project. it's free, come join us!


How do I learn to love C? Most of my experience with it in college was doing things that I would find easier to do in other languages.

I feel like I just have the wrong mindset when writing C. Does anyone have any recommendations on books, videos, etc. that they think would be helpful?

Boosts appreciated.

#c #programming #linux #unix

@robby C was one of my first languages and has been a love of mine for a long time.

for me what did it was starting with assembly language and then viewing C as a better way for me to write low level stuff. i really dig the unfettered access that C gives to the foundational primitives (memory, cpu, etc.). it probably helped that i was hacking on 16bit cpus at the time XD

hope that helps at least give another perspective =)

@ruivieira some sort of /Scottage/ ?


i'll see myself out now...

@toast very cool! i _knew_ i liked those folks for some reason XD

i think i love this trackthis.link/

it opens 100 tabs to help fool trackers about what you like. props to the folks who came up with this =)

@ruivieira i've become far to jaded(?) in the current era, i watched this video thinking:

"is this an AI performance of the song?"

"what's the catch here?"


Another micro-post in a introductory series to data science concepts: Linear Separability and Perceptrons - ruivieira.dev/micro/7/

Looking for a Job / Contract again :boost_ok:​ 

@hirojin not sure if it fits what you are looking for, but from your CV i feel like you might fit well at red hat.

message me privately and i could send some links if it sounds interesting.

@ManyAngled i'm incorporating this into my new thinking for avoiding literally anything.

someone: hey, could you do this thing for me?

me: no, and i'm only saying that because the cost of branch prediction is too high.

@ruivieira were you listening to frank zappa while writing that? XD

@ManyAngled we're all headed towards deprecation one way or another ;)

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