The Bajoran ambassador is deeply offended by an offhand remark by Nog and threatens war. Rom travels to a parallel universe and has to convince the parallel version of Dr. Bashir that they're married. A version of Chief O'Brian, from a parallel universe, dies.

> Don't be too hard on yourself or your comrades for not getting it right the first time every time, hm?

this ^^

given how fast tech communities like to push new, and in some cases barely tested, frameworks and platforms, i feel like not getting it right the first time is pretty much standard.

don't get me wrong, it's worth /striving/ to get it right the first time. but it just seems like it hardly ever happens the way you want.

It's easy to think about how "high-tech" has changed the world, but remember: there are still people alive who remember when "walking through the architecture of a computer" was not figurative speech but quite literal.

This stuff is still all new to the world, as ubiquitous as it seems most days. Don't be too hard on yourself or your comrades for not getting it right the first time every time, hm?

and i know this isn't even really that bad, you can still see some text in those tab titles! XD

status: learning a new level of kubernetes, cluster-api and autoscaler internals. my life currently:

@deshipu yeah, the stereo types are definitely over-played (looking at you white scars)

@deshipu i've still got a squad of those figures, between them and the old storm boyz i'm just in love with the old ork stuff XD

OMG!!! It has arrived!

45 minutes before I need to go to the airport, but still.

First impression: It looks awesome! This is an amazing achievement. And the manual is incredible - there is so much work and love that went into this computer.

Can’t wait until I can actually plug it in next week! 😅

@ManyAngled yeah, it's a good point. imo, it really depends on the project size and the community who are involved.

for example, the pep8 gates on openstack made sense to me because it helped ensure that code between projects looked at least /vaguely/ similar at the structural level (definitely not at the api level XD).

@ManyAngled was this a python linter?

both things you mentioned sound like strict pep8 compliance issues XD

thanks @shellkr , this is really thought provoking to me.

on some level i'm having this image of the power-hungry sysadmin hobgoblin who lives inside me shouting "yes! finally the workers have the power!".

but on a deeper level, when i think about the nature of the social relation created by a group of people who create a platform for others to use, and the related power dynamics, i'm just fascinated. is there an equivalent in meatspace?

@anomaly @trwnh

Laptop (~) 

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