Such is the life of a hobby project...
Almost 5 years to the day: a 0.1.0 release 😁


@baseline i mean, i can't deny that we work with defense contractors from all over the world. doesn't always make me feel great, that's for sure.

if you are looking for something tech related to watch this saturday, the OKD community is hosting a free installation and testing workshop. OKD is the community edition of OpenShift, built on top of Fedora CoreOS. i will have a very small part to play in the day, but it should be fun for all (for a value of fun that includes an interest in distributed systems XD).

more info

#TIL The Art of Digital Design by David Winkel and Franklin Prosser. If you read and follow the book to the end, you'll have a PDP-8 computer. #retrocomputing #electronics

something that has fascinated me recently is the notion of software development as a lens into absurdist art. i'm still condensing my thoughts, but i've created my first project in my new absurdism phase XD

i present, Camelot, a pure Yaml document server.

I'm really surprised no one in the late 20th century made a DOS distribution called ZarDOS, with Sean Connery's Zed as the logo.

@tindall sorry, don't want to be vague. your explanation is spot on, thanks.

my feeling of confusion is focused on the abundance of hatred in this world.

@tindall ugh, what a pain.

i haven't visited HN in quite a while and i've never used or Tildes.

i just don't get it...

@tindall that's really sad to hear. what kind fo spaces are you generally referring to?

i noticed you mentioned r/rust, it made me curious.

i attended the Chaos Carnival last week, here are my thoughts on the conference and some talks:

i don't care what anyone says, giraffes are pure magic!

@djsundog is that an e-ink display? (the one showing the song info)

@jwildeboer ugh, that sounds stressful (to say the least). hope everything works out for the best!

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