love this picture!

credit to reddit user Ehalleck

"60 Second exposure at Burning Man looks like an ocean of Lights. Those are all bikes with LED passing by."

i don't care what anybody says, debugging is essentially an alpha version of the matrix...

i know this is about RPGs, but it really feels like my life XD

really surprised none of you have grabbed this for trolling purposes yet.

internet, you let me down!

taking junk mail from the mail box and placing it directly in the recycling bin without even opening it. it's times like this that i really question whether or not i'm just a bit-flipping machine in some galaxy sized computer.

sending some love and praise out to the team and all the folks who work on the cockpit project ( i am thoroughly loving the monitoring and admin functionality out of the box.

y'all folks are awesome =)

this dvd screen grab makes me think there is a dimension where classic Traveller got /really/ weird

screw flying cars, what happened to /this/ vision of the future

tfw you add your first contributor to an open source project

politics shitposting 

anyone know where airports get rid of used equipment? i would love to cruise and the neighborhood in this XD

hard to read on this slide, but i love this "fact" about decentralized application:
"secured by math"
i really need this on a sticker LOL

this slide kinda irritates me, when talking about business successes, why is Red Hat all the way in the corner. seriously?!? "nobody puts Baby in the corner"
(disclaimer, i work at Red Hat)

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