happy friday folks

you might have seen this phrase "T shaped developer" going around recently. i'm not sure how much stock i put into the theory, but on that note i propose the "U shaped developer" (of which i am a proponent).

doing some cleaning, found this. is that image implying something about younger me? XD

fast food, cursed food image 

ok, i'm sorry, someone is trolling at this point. this is truly cursed

White Castle Pâté


10 White Castle® Sliders
4 tablespoons Steak sauce
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon Sweet mustard
2 tablespoons Sweet barbeque sauce
1 teaspoon Hot sauce


1. Mix all the ingredients in blender (pickles, buns, everything).
2. Form into ball.
3. Chill well.
4. Serve with crackers.


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my life currently:

trying to find a specific commit in the kubernetes source using tig

@ManyAngled i feel like this directed graph of /ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall/ is right up your alley XD

i just learned about the death of Florian Schneider and want to flail wildly into the void for a moment.

Kraftwerk has inspired me for nearly my entire life, Computer Welt was almost the soundtrack of my youth.

RIP Florian, thank you for sharing the enigma ❤️

it's still early days, but we have some very exciting things going on in the containerized artificial blockchain hybrid intelligence space. if you've got a spare 10 million to drop, hmu!

it's weird. i'm perfectly happy and fine coding with languages that require strict typing, but dang do i love my dynamic typed languages. i feel like the code just does what i'm thinking. pic unrelated... XP

the quarantine affects us all in different ways, just got this from a friend

status: learning a new level of kubernetes, cluster-api and autoscaler internals. my life currently:

current status: joining a new team at work, learning about an entirely different stack from what i've been doing.

relevant gif

speaking of lord of the rings, not only did this sign crack me up, but it also taught me how to say "you shall not pass" in czech XD

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