sharing my daily kubernetes command line incantation. how to list all the running pods in your cluster, and show what node they are on.

`kubectl get pods -o=jsonpath='{range .items[*]}{}{"\t"}{.spec.nodeName}{"\n"}' --all-namespaces`

@elmiko k8s always sounded scary to me and this makes it look fucking terrifying

@mdszy yeah, i'm using some arcane bits of command line-fu for that. but since it took me like 20 minutes to figure it out, seemed only right to share =)

in general though, yeah k8s can be /extremely/ daunting for a newcomer, i am somehow strangely attracted to distributed platforms though. i guess it's just my lot in life XD

@elmiko Are you up for creating a public repo of k8s/OpenShift cheatsheet? :)

@elmiko Awesome! I was thinking that something like this with the navi placeholder format ( would be brilliant.

@ruivieira looks nice, i'm not familiar with navi but if i collect more than a few /incantations/ i think it would be worth it.

@elmiko Calling it "format" is a stretch. It's just a text file with <arg> as the placeholder (eg.

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