found this gem in the basement, me thinks it needs its guts swapped out for a pi or something =)

@elmiko ESP8266 running gurumodem or similar, and it'd still work as a modem.

@elmiko I've still got my Hayes 3/12, and possibly a 28.8 FaxModem.

Yep, I could see this turn into a multi functional pi-gadget already... Hope you figure out something to keep the display alive and meaningful :heart_cyber:

@Mnemonic yes! i totally want to re-use the led display, it's sooo nice =)

@elmiko don't you dare gut that! Hook it to a pi and start a BBS!

@genericperson hmm, i actually kinda love this idea XD

but ditch the pi and hook up my old amiga 500 to run the bbs. that should do the trick!

@elmiko OHMAN i remember that old beast.
Also, good hello, pal. 😄

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