All this to say: don't come after desktop Linux because it doesn't solve your problems as well as other operating systems.

Linux and the free software ecosystem are developed by volunteers. We cannot expect them to be at the same level of support and polish as commercial software products.

I don't "enjoy the kind of computing we had in the mid 2000s". It solves my problems and nothing else does. Please don't condescend to me and people like me and/or assume that things would somehow be easier elsewhere.


@tindall i completely agree with what you are saying.

just want to add a minor bit of context about the volunteer community around desktop linux. i know for a fact that some of the commercial players in the open source world (eg Red Hat, SUSE, Canonical) are putting time and money into improving this, but it's still an uphill battle.

we've come a long way since the days of /only/ volunteer contributors, and i think the success of FOSS in the datacenter and embedded worlds are validations of that effort.

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