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just posted a blog about a tool i've been working on for generating arbitrary output from schemas

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software hacker who loves diving into code and creating way too many side projects. day job is writing open source software, mainly for cloud infrastructure projects.
on a personal level, i love music, listening to and making. some of my absolute favs: grateful dead, frank zappa, phish. i also do a fair bit of online gaming.
i'm exploring mastodon as my social media journey continues. i really dig the social and technological implications of mastodon and want to join the community =)


Hi all!

New member here :) I'm a PhD student in functional MRI in the Netherlands. Besides work, I'm mostly interested in cinema, traveling, languages and music.

is it an acknowledged fact that conference wifi must be horrible?

i think we need to hug our ops engineers more

Its nice to look back sometimes and be reminded of a great job you've done over these years - and get energized for some more. #LifeAtRedHat

This right here is why I can't stand emulators that output a perfectly clean image. Art was designed for a CRT or for a computer monitor of the era. Not an abstract, perfect bitmap display

"Shhh, shhh, it's okay", I say to the Linux kernel after it panics.

Friends, I'm a terribly incompetent social medialyte—I don't see many toots since I follow almost no one, don't check local or federated timelines, don't get follow/fave/boost notifications—just at some point I lost the taste for being plugged in.

But! I'm more than happy to read, learn, discuss, answer, and mentor:

#JavaScript #TypeScript
#JuliaLang #Python #C #Cpp
#MachineLearning #DSP #FFT #LinearAlgebra #Data
#Japanese #NLP

or whatever 🤗!

(I'll pin this toot, so don't link to it!)

"On May 20, 1570, Abraham Ortelius, book collector and engraver from Antwerp, published the Theatrum Orbis Terrarum (Epitome of the Theater of the World), the world's first modern atlas. It laid bare a world of healthy ecoregions, ripe for colonization and exploitation. Some 450 years later this Atlas for the End of the World is a survey of what's left." atlas-for-the-end-of-the-world #socialecology

I've decided to organize a webzine dedicated to the pets of Mastodon! Anyone can submit a page/pic of their pet and be included in the zine. Everything will be complied into a PDF file to be downloaded for free!
Submissions will go untill next Saturday at 12:00 am!
More information down below

i really want there to be a top level domain of `.bbs`, that would be my perfect motivation to run a masto instance XD

so, my dad is a mechanical engineer and i've been thinking about doing some kind of formal conversation with him to see what software engineers and mechanical engineers have in common. best practices, approaches to technology, tackling new projects, that kind of thing. i'm gathering questions and pinging my networks for some ideas.

if you could sit down with an engineer, what would you ask?

retoots encouraged!

#programming #software #engineering #development #tech

i think satan's airplane is parked next to mine

Yamaha SY99 synthesizer owners, listen up!

You can now get a true 8MB expansion board for your SY99 to max out sample memory from me. I'm calling it the Magic Memory Board.

Batch 1 (very limited quantities) will ship NEXT MONTH. Batch 2 will ship first quarter next yeasr.

Full details here:

Boosts very much appreciated :blobmiou:

a little sad that i won't be able to make the protest tonight. no car + no friends going + too long walk = sad me.

still, i'm with you in spirit!

Started reading "Mostly adequate guide to functional programming"

At last I start to understand, what is the thing with . Totally recommend you reading this one if you are a developer. You will find a lot of interesting things for you

We will enter a 1-hour maintenance window tonight at 8pm EST (01:00 UTC) for a server upgrade. I don't expect any problems, but we'll have some downtime.

Sure I've asked before, but are there any #Rust UK user groups or slacks or discords people would recommend? :)

Do you consider yourself a #hacker? Why? What does that word mean to you?

Please reply and boost.

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did you know that the second @ in a fedi mention is pronounced "who art in"

at double oh dani who art in vulpine club

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