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software hacker who loves diving into code and creating way too many side projects. day job is writing open source software, mainly for cloud infrastructure projects.
on a personal level, i love music, listening to and making. some of my absolute favs: grateful dead, frank zappa, phish. i also do a fair bit of online gaming.
i'm exploring mastodon as my social media journey continues. i really dig the social and technological implications of mastodon and want to join the community =)

it's weird. i'm perfectly happy and fine coding with languages that require strict typing, but dang do i love my dynamic typed languages. i feel like the code just does what i'm thinking. pic unrelated... XP

🎉 Announcing release 0.4.0 of typelevel coulomb - unit analysis for
* major improvements to typeclass factoring
* extensible to custom value types
* integrations with java.time

Looking for #FOSS / #FLOSS alternatives to popular proprietary solutions? Look no further.

Much better than IMO.

the quarantine affects us all in different ways, just got this from a friend

Phish "Dinner and a Movie ep1, 2012-08-31 Commerce City, Colorado". set 2 about to start soon \o/

another banger from the daily kubectl incantations. following on yesterday's theme, here is a quick way to get all pods on a node and show what namespace they are running in:

`kubectl get pods -o=jsonpath='{range .items[?(@.spec.nodeName=="<Node ID>")]}{}{"\t"}{.metadata.namespace}{"\n"}' --all-namespaces`


Housebound advice from a long-term housebound person, boosts ok 

sharing my daily kubernetes command line incantation. how to list all the running pods in your cluster, and show what node they are on.

`kubectl get pods -o=jsonpath='{range .items[*]}{}{"\t"}{.spec.nodeName}{"\n"}' --all-namespaces`

write down some of my experiences exploring the kubernetes openapi definition after a recent discussion with @ManyAngled

Hi everybody! I moved to this account from @tofuwabohu

I mostly post about gardening, permaculture, nature, eco stuff but also politics sometimes. I'm stll a newbie in gardening, so there will be questions too.

I'm northern Germany and am also interested in different IT topics, but I'll mostly toot about that on my other account @tofuwabohu (in German and English).


Free Games, GOG 

bandcamp is waiving its revenue share this friday, March 20

if you want to support artists/labels, they will get the full amount of any and all sales on that day

Be nice to the hard working people in your supermarket. Compliment them. Don’t ever blame them for not having that one special thing you think you need. They work hard. At the frontline. To keep us all fed and alive. Thank them. #SpreadHopeNotFear #covid19

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