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just posted a blog about a tool i've been working on for generating arbitrary output from schemas

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software hacker who loves diving into code and creating way too many side projects. day job is writing open source software, mainly for cloud infrastructure projects.
on a personal level, i love music, listening to and making. some of my absolute favs: grateful dead, frank zappa, phish. i also do a fair bit of online gaming.
i'm exploring mastodon as my social media journey continues. i really dig the social and technological implications of mastodon and want to join the community =)

enjoyed this article by my colleague and friend @ManyAngled ; about unit types and conversions and how they "math out"(my term). it's very approachable even for math illiterates like me, and has a nice angle of working towards proofs for arbitrary conversions. check it out!

Yay, OAKTROUGH is finished to my satisfaction! It provides a really simple and responsive Hugo theme and corresponding CSS that is easy to read and navigate on desktop (with or without vision), mobile, and even in print.

If you have any suggestions, whether re: #accessibility or just general #webdev or #design ideas, let me know!

Get the theme from

See it in action at

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I would be interesteed in your thoughts on something:

Why is unionizing in IT so difficult? What can we do to facilitate it?


Basically- don't lose sight of the upsides. Everything's fucked, enjoy what you can, and try to make it easier for others to enjoy what they can

So on the same day I find out that the source for all the in available (, in all its ZIL glory) I also find out there's a Z-Machine implementation (

I don't normally ask for this kind of crap, but I'm really happy with how @xkcd turned out and I'd like it to be a part of a lot more timelines.

If you have a chance, check it out... If you like it, please give it a boost.

Gary Clark Jr.'s songs from the #TinyDesk roared with the assurance and force of a showman at the top of his game.

@ManyAngled hey, i saw this post[0] on reddit about units of measurement, and immediately thought about your coloumb lib[1] (link included for the curious)



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i'm done with debuggers, gonna start working on a rebugger!

who's in?

Tell me an advantage of C over Rust.

I'll start: Less runtime requirements. C only needs a stack, while Rust also needs several lang items, mostly to handle panics.

What’s the oldest piece of electronics or hardware that you regularly use for what it was intended for (and not just for retro enjoyment)?

Mine is this 1970s Commodore calculator.

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