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software hacker who loves diving into code and creating way too many side projects. day job is writing open source software, mainly for cloud infrastructure projects.
on a personal level, i love music, listening to and making. some of my absolute favs: grateful dead, frank zappa, phish. i also do a fair bit of online gaming.
i'm exploring mastodon as my social media journey continues. i really dig the social and technological implications of mastodon and want to join the community =)

i attended the Chaos Carnival last week, here are my thoughts on the conference and some talks:

i don't care what anyone says, giraffes are pure magic!

i never really knew much about Portuguese holiday cooking, but i am eternally curious and i love to eat XD

thanks @ruivieira for sharing!

i love those image matching memory type games, so i made myself one =D

gpl licensed with artwork from

check out the source here:

or a live running version here:

i regret to inform you all that i have found a picture of the ultimate gaming setup

@mikew i love Pixel Monster Bot, thank you for sharing it!

i do have a couple questions

1. is it open source?
2. what is the license on the images created? (eg are we allowed to re-use/remix the monsters)

There is a computer disease that anybody who works with computers knows about. It's a very serious disease and it interferes completely with the work. The trouble with computers is that you 'play' with them!

— Richard P. Feynman

A lot of online bios (I think I did this also, at some point) follow the cliché non sequitur: A, A, B; with A being a high-level endeavour or noble pursuit and B a, seemingly at odds, interest that supposedly provides a comic effect due to implicitly being as important to the person as A. For instance:

- Philosophy, Quantum mechanics, cooking
- Literature, human rights, cycling
- Cancer research, digital freedom, pokemon


it's only umami if it's from the umami region of japan, otherwise it's just sparkling salty

uspol, mental health, drugs 

Good morning.

There's plenty of anxiety to go around for USians, particularly today, and us USians have a tendency to make our anxieties the anxieties of the world.

Don't feel like you need to watch the spectacle. Don't feel like you're required to do some sort of penance by staying glued to the current events feeds all around you.

Have a snack. Play a game. Listen to your favorite songs. Smoke a bowl. Nap.

You and yours are more important than the spectacle.

Self care is civil defense.

:blobpats: 💜 :blobpats:

An Open Source Leader Is Gone, a Remembrance of Dan Kohn colon cancer complications. Gone too soon. One of the few in LF I actually trusted.

(when you feel you're falling down the rabbit hole)

Doing the SICP exercises with Hy, a LISP-y language that runs in Python's VM...

Quote of the day:

"I've already spent more time considering the physics of Charlotte than either Duncan Trussell or Pendleton Ward ever will"

TIL you can write HTML in a browser's address bar. Try it:

data:text/html,<html contenteditable> I'm a text editor

good monday to you all =)

looks like DevConf have posted the videos from the conference. if you missed it, or just want to spend some time learning about a piece of , check out our talk:

in the wake of this whole hacktober ddos-fest, i feel really sheepish about submitting a 2 line change pull request.

it's not spam, i swear!!!

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