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just posted a blog about a tool i've been working on for generating arbitrary output from schemas

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software hacker who loves diving into code and creating way too many side projects. day job is writing open source software, mainly for cloud infrastructure projects.
on a personal level, i love music, listening to and making. some of my absolute favs: grateful dead, frank zappa, phish. i also do a fair bit of online gaming.
i'm exploring mastodon as my social media journey continues. i really dig the social and technological implications of mastodon and want to join the community =)

i feel like everytime i use `ssh-copy-id` i am always forced to go reset the selinux context on `authorized_keys`. i think my fedora system /must/ be misconfigured somehow.

Phish gig.

(in Evrart de Conty, "Le livre des échecs amoureux moralisés", 1401, via Damien Kempf).

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On aliexpress, when you leave feedback, there was an option to "show your real name under the feedback". I always went out of my way to uncheck that box*. Some fine day they changed it to "Leave feedback as anonymous, and the default was now unchecked. I never bothered to tick it.

I'm saying this because the language on the GDPR popup buttons is a (dark) pattern by itself.


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I’m glad that github has free private repos now, but honestly my money left them years ago and is not coming back. GitLab is way better to their community, imo.

"if you are not saying 'HELL YEAH!', then say 'no'"

some advice i am finding very helpful right now.

just read a couple really nice opinion pieces on the state of social media on the internet and how that relates to the current trends of decentralization.

good reads if you have a spare 15-20 minutes:

getting into some creative sticker design today, and i needed an svg for the inspired "donut" pattern. couldn't find a good one, so i made one =D

released under cc-by-sa

I would loooove to just see 'Mx.' become the default formal address for everyone.

(And it's pronounced 'mixmaster'. /Everyone/ knows that ;)

taking junk mail from the mail box and placing it directly in the recycling bin without even opening it. it's times like this that i really question whether or not i'm just a bit-flipping machine in some galaxy sized computer.

I want to see a post-brexit apocalyptic movie written by Frankie Boyle:

1/2 - "Paradoxically, I think Brexit will actually lead to less nationalism: economic collapse meaning that borders lose all their current toxicity, as they’re constantly redrawn in a never-ending struggle between regional warlords, antibiotic-resistant microbes and organ-harvesting cyborgs."

Just got in my donation to Conservancy. Our donation is much larger than usual in order to reflect the proportionally important role that I think Conservancy is taking in the software freedom space. I hope you might consider donating also!

@ashfurrow Thank you very much for this instance. I've made some friends and there are a lot of nice people here.

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sometimes it feels like the world is a giant computer, and sorting junk mail is some sort of useless bitmasking operation.

Hey new people on Mastodon!

For privacy reasons there's no automated "people to follow" suggestions on here.

However, there is an unofficial community site called #Trunk which is an opt-in list of people who are looking for followers, organised by topic:

Scroll down to find people to follow, or read the instructions at the top if you want to be added to a list.

For example, here's the list for "Science Fiction":

#Introductions #NewHere

#introductions Yo!! I'm Lissi, I'm an artist and writer currently finishing up a course in 3D VFX and revving up to write a couple books ✌️ (and taking character commissions!)

I love #HTTYD, #SpiderMan, #DungeonsAndDragons, and many other things involving superheroes and fantasy 😬 (and food. lbr.)

Catch me on:

#art #fantasy #mastoArt #marvel #DnD #smhc #smffh #fanart #original

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