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covid doom 

"Girls with too much free time on their hands couldn't resist the allure" is a creative way to spell "Predators used menstrual products to coerce sex from children who needed them after the schools closed."

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If you need to chat with someone over the holidays, whether it’s about PHP or anything else, I’ll be hanging out at, so feel free to join me there.

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I gave a set of 2020 headlines to the neural net GPT-3, whose training data cut off in October 2019.

Having never seen 2020, it tried to predict what headlines are next on the list.

Ok is released and that's great and all but can we deal with the 🔥 that is this official announcement page? 🤩

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If I wanted to get into home automation, what’s a good OSS manager and hardware? Would prefer not to sign up for a cloud service. Getting tired of my kludgy stuff disconnecting from Google Home or not responding.

I just wanna turn off my lights without getting out of bed.

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Earth, Moon, Venus, and Jupiter seen from the ISS by Scott Kelly

Today in Sort-Of-Winning: I managed to only burn fifteen minutes fixing the segfault I fixed a month ago and didn't document, including time spent documenting.

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I feel like my head has been released from a vise I didn't know was there.

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Today in 5-character bugfixes that took me literally a week:

diff --git a/php/session.ini b/php/session.ini
index aaaaaaaa..bbbbbbbb 100644
--- a/php/session.ini
+++ b/php/session.ini


we have lost a giant, what will happen to my country without her

Today in Things I Do Frequently:

$ git tag help
$ git tag -d help
$ git help tag

who do i 🤬ing yell at about the 🤬ing , the biggest 🤬ing race in the women's calendar, not having 🤬ing live coverage this year. what 🤬ing happened to " races must have 45 minutes of live coverage"? boy am i glad i didn't miss out on that stage 5 recovery ride tho

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FHI: Everything is fine, masks are unnecessary, just maintain 1m distance and wash your hands.
Meanwhile, in Bergen:

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