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the rona 

Norway's insistence that "masks don't matter, just keep your distance" is absolutely baffling. 40% is still 40%! What are you doing?!

I don't always try to upgrade the Firefox sync server I set up five years ago and haven't touched since, but when I do it's 11:45 on a Friday night.

filing my taxes at the end of july like an adult

i'm not so much shaving the yak as deciding which brand of clippers to use

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It was never about the movies we quoted at each other, it was about the shared experience of building a private language of references for your in group

This is why it's cute to, say, quote Monty Python with your buddy but crappy to build your professional-level reference documentation around the same jokes.

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Programmers PSA - Learn to justify your effort

You've only added two lines - why did that take two days!


* The issue was reported with a vague description of how to recreate it.
* The reported issue was related to functionality, I'm not familiar with. 
* I took the time to investigate the real cause of the issue, not just looking at the symptoms. 
* I investigated if there were other ways of getting to the same problem, not just the reported reproduction steps.
* I took the time to verify if there were other parts of the code that might be affected in similar ways.
* When I found the cause of the issue, I looked to find the simplest way of fixing it that would have minimal risk of introducing side-effects.
* I tested the change thoroughly and verified that it addressed the problem for all the different code paths that were affected.

#programming #management

Public educators on my podcasts: "2-3 hours of schooling per day is not the path to academic success, we need a better plan."
Me, homeschooled and holding a postgraduate degree:

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broke: camelCase
woke: capitalizeEveryotherWordinIdentifiers

Yes, this post comes from personal experience. Yes, the personal experience was ten seconds ago. No, I do not wish to repeat the personal experience.

(And yes, it was Wikipedia. CSS class mw-changeslist-line-inner-separatorAftercharacterDiff in the watchlist.)

*In Murderbot head-voice* I'm having an emotion. /me gets up and stares at a wall

Ello's Law: You won't always find all the bugs, but when you do, it'll be half an hour before you're supposed to go on vacation.

I have a very strict policy about Strava challenges: I join literally every single one I can find except the ones from companies that supply police departments with bikes to use as weapons.

tfw you spend the last hour of your day on merge conflicts and then lose your nerve and discard the whole thing

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Did you hear Apple is transitioning Mac to ARM and 's killers still haven't been arrested?

My day so far:

$ git config --global alias.brnach branch

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