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Horrible ramp test, failed a solo dungeon attempt, still sick, possibly screwed up my back, WHY DOES THIS WEEKEND HATE ME

Ok slap this into your Stylus (

div.r > a > div > img {
display: none

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I made a thing!

KB is a simple little knowledge base system. It has an API server and then a client as well as an . It's designed for use in internal networks only such as in an office. All under .

*first checkpoint, solo flawless*
hey look, a prime engram. good thing this dungeon has checkpoints!
*goes to tower*
hm do the checkpoints work for flawless too?

ok but seriously what is the secret to traveling without getting sick.

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When a developers says they can "see how to build that" it really means that they can envision the happy path. They almost assuredly have not considered all the edge cases.

Nothing like pulling your email off the sysadmins@ alias to get you in the Christmas spirit 🎄

Not shown: The excellent seats I got immediately after the went on sale.

For the billionth time, explode(), I really don't need an array with a single empty string when I hand you a null. We've been through this. Do better.

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there's an opportunity to team up for extra punny jokes.

Him: I went hiking up a volcano once but really hurt my foot.

You: Krakatoa?

Him: No, just a sprained ankle.

Actual conversation with hubby:

me: I ran! 20 minutes!
him: Afghanistan! 30 minutes!

I just stumbled over Most of that is straightforward, but I'd never seen 'blackout', 'brownout', or 'whiteout' on similar lists. They're literal descriptions, not metaphors; on the other hand, I'm super white. Halp?

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