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I bet you had no idea there was an official UCI 2019 cocktail OR that it tastes like marmalade on toast because it's called Marmalade on Toast

Of course found the creek at the Abbey

"Do you want a picture together? Yes. You do. You have the look."

Yorkshire fog this morning, before we go find a pedal wrench and take a walking tour and maybe go for a lil' spin into the Dales.

The Airbnb is beautiful and I'm afraid to open the bike boxes so we're going for lunch

90 minutes in and I've already managed to spill half a cup of coffee all over my desk, my chair, my floor, and myself. Gonna be a great day, I can tell.

I missed that is a thing that exists. Maybe next year I can work on finding out about cool events earlier than THE DAY THEY HAPPEN 🤦

++n is a vintage dame because sometimes you just need to go to the post office

Be careful with eating client-side errors and spitting out user-friendly notices, kids, or you could end up debugging invisible errors for an hour before you realize what you've done.

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