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[a computer systems-creator]

[... who likes highly structured languages]

[... and listens to a lot of high-concept rock music]

I'm never not nervous re-seating a disc brake rotor.

I have successfully changed a tire! 40mm gravel to 32mm slicks, since I'll be on tarmac for a bit. Only needed like two YouTube videos and a manual to figure out the thru-axle...

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Jeez, sprint finish into headwinds. "It was like a mountaintop finish with no mountain" - Bruce Masterson in the GCN stream chat

Heheheh today I get to watch some badass ladies race bikes in Herriot country: final stage of !

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Hey kids, don't use a bank account as the pre-approved payment source for PayPal billing agreements, or this will happen when somebody hacks your account.

Last kilometer of the race yesterday, courtesy of /u/HerHor on Reddit. That uphill sprint finish is BANANAS, Anna van der Breggen is an absolute beast.

(or maybe wait a couple days because the jetlag is so freaking real right now)

I'm back in Viking-land and it's sunny and I've got a 10-day streak on Duolingo, COME AT ME

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