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Last kilometer of the race yesterday, courtesy of /u/HerHor on Reddit. That uphill sprint finish is BANANAS, Anna van der Breggen is an absolute beast.

(or maybe wait a couple days because the jetlag is so freaking real right now)

I'm back in Viking-land and it's sunny and I've got a 10-day streak on Duolingo, COME AT ME

Wout van Aert will win this if there is any justice in the world.

I'm going to make a decoy deploy button so busy stakeholders will think I deployed and let me know what needs to be changed before I actually deploy. 😈

how come i only get cute ringlets in my hair when it's soaked in sweat

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today's fun fact is that git branch names can include non-breaking spaces

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Pro tip: Reading code is hard enough. Don't leave dead code just lying around, in case you might need to copy/paste it later.

That also goes for commented code. Use git for history if you need it.

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