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Pro tip: Reading code is hard enough. Don't leave dead code just lying around, in case you might need to copy/paste it later.

That also goes for commented code. Use git for history if you need it.

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I’ve seen a few “hello world” toots over the last few days. Mostly from G+ refugees by the sound of things.

Welcome everyone. Here’s a post I wrote on our blog that may help you guys get started.

halp, i'm binging big dumb action movies and REALLY ENJOYING THEM

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Found a bug, wrote a bunch of broken tests, fixed the tests, fixed the bug. I don't usually , but man does it feel good when I do.

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hell hath no fury like a software developer with a very slightly bruised ego

After decades of chasing my "talent" and taking any resistance at any activity as a sign that I'm untalented and destined to fail, this thing is wildly liberating. Input work → output results. No talent, no natural affinity. Just f*ing work.

I have successfully installed a cadence sensor! Upside-down!

Tags warning me not to stick my fingers in the disc brakes. Guess what I had to do to remove them.

Nothing like ending the week on a surprise regression (OR DID I NOT FIX IT IN THE FIRST PLACE) to suck the life right out of your Friday.

Uh wait, can anybody buy a ticket for 89 GBP and show up and ride in this? Is this my shot to bike around land?!

wait no, i've been foiled, because a spike in the slave sync signal shorted the pci bus so the dma controller had an irq conflict!

bbl, i'm telnetting into the network mainframe and then ftping a perl script right through a dk trapdoor into the cgi server.

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