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After decades of chasing my "talent" and taking any resistance at any activity as a sign that I'm untalented and destined to fail, this thing is wildly liberating. Input work → output results. No talent, no natural affinity. Just f*ing work.

I have successfully installed a cadence sensor! Upside-down!

Tags warning me not to stick my fingers in the disc brakes. Guess what I had to do to remove them.

Nothing like ending the week on a surprise regression (OR DID I NOT FIX IT IN THE FIRST PLACE) to suck the life right out of your Friday.

Uh wait, can anybody buy a ticket for 89 GBP and show up and ride in this? Is this my shot to bike around land?!

wait no, i've been foiled, because a spike in the slave sync signal shorted the pci bus so the dma controller had an irq conflict!

bbl, i'm telnetting into the network mainframe and then ftping a perl script right through a dk trapdoor into the cgi server.

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Anthem players discovered that the basic weapon is the strongest, and that even if any other gear says it does more damage it takes more hits to kill things than with the basic rifle...
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For my next conference talk I think I'm going to write one on upgrading to PHP 7.

Basically, I dress up like Gordon Ramsey and just scream DO IT! at the audience for an hour.

Reason ∞ to avoid tech debt: Newcomers to your codebase won't realize your temp hack from N years ago was a temp hack, and will copy it when they're using existing code as a guide to implement similar functionality. And then you'll see it in a code review and kick yourself.

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Wrote my first Go program. It's a small api with one router that connects to a postgres instance. Wow, that was insanely easy.

tfw when buying clearance from outside norway is cheaper than buying it inside even with the customs fees.

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That nervous and terrified feeling when you audaciously submit a PR to someone's repository like you're some kind of competent person who knows what the fuck they're doing.

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@ellotheth I mean, the minute the domain was registered 100 robots started doing the same thing so I think it's fine.

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