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Reminder for all the alpha players giving feedback: Don't armchair-game-design. Talk about your expectations and how stuff made you feel:

🚫 "Guns should hit 27.3% harder"
✔ "Enemies feel tankier than I expected"
✔ "Guns feel like pea shooters"

@derickr Thanks! (I still consume a bunch of American media, so thought maybe you kept up with local politics/news/whatnot.)

@derickr Are you familiar with the original Dutch version of this?

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I believe in fact-based news with a long term focus that is completely ad-free.

Some good people seem to be backing this effort that I trust so I pledged some euros for this:

Or here is my ref-including link if you prefer to use that one.

We desperately need news with a sustained focus, not the "oh this was a topic for two days and it's gone" of even the NYT variety.

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Current status: scheduling an online party to say goodbye to PHP 5. More details to follow soon.

@dshafik Is there any data stored on it now, or is the whole thing empty?

@squaregoldfish I just had one of these. It all starts out fine until you decide to Make Things Better and then everything goes completely off the rails.

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@ellotheth I'm the king of janky code at work. Yesterday I had to look over some old scripts, with the whole team, sitting on our domain controller that I wrote two years ago...there's always something broken and sketchy... wonder how my new code looks. LOL😅

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Finding something broken every time I look at my old code makes me really nervous about my new code.

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