@pasco I don't know, as a programmer I pretty much love it 😍

@saramg You know what, they just keep giving me reasons to be happy about giving them my money.

Ok is released and that's great and all but can we deal with the πŸ”₯ that is this official announcement page? 🀩


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If I wanted to get into home automation, what’s a good OSS manager and hardware? Would prefer not to sign up for a cloud service. Getting tired of my kludgy stuff disconnecting from Google Home or not responding.

I just wanna turn off my lights without getting out of bed.

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@afontaine @brion For sure! Totally playable with controller and even keyboard if you really want to have an experience.

@afontaine @brion I could not get comfortable with a controller, having throttle share a stick with rotational control did not work out. (But I'm historically bad at controller in general, heh.)

@brion It's really good, VR is not required but definitely get a joystick.

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Earth, Moon, Venus, and Jupiter seen from the ISS by Scott Kelly

Today in Sort-Of-Winning: I managed to only burn fifteen minutes fixing the segfault I fixed a month ago and didn't document, including time spent documenting.

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@zalasur Not least because it's never immediately obvious that the cookie is the problem πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

I feel like my head has been released from a vise I didn't know was there.

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Today in 5-character bugfixes that took me literally a week:

diff --git a/php/session.ini b/php/session.ini
index aaaaaaaa..bbbbbbbb 100644
--- a/php/session.ini
+++ b/php/session.ini


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