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Can we all take a moment to appreciate this photo from Martha Wells (author of the Murderbot Diaries)'s website

spent the morning fighting with so if you run into my sanity anyplace i'd appreciate it if you'd direct it back to me

Today I learned about `event.currentTarget`, which is not the same as `` and was the thing I actually wanted in my event listener. WHO KNEW.

Ok welp, we made another thing:, for when you want to make sure your GDPR banner is still showing up in Europe but that holiday to the south of France is just not gonna happen.

@plausible I use the dev environment to test new event tracking setups, so I want the dev analytics, just not mixed with the prod analytics. Batch export/import for goals would be amazing!

@plausible If I did that, wouldn't my dev and prod analytics be all mixed together?

@plausible What do you folks recommend for separating staging from production environments? I've got two sites defined, which is fine until I need to go copy all my individual Goals from dev to prod 😅

that moment you realize arrow functions are available in 7.4, not just 8+

me: it's time to stop working
my brain: but you haven't solved this yet
me: whatever, work/life balance is important
my brain: but you haven't solved this yet
me: it'll be there tomorrow

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I released PHP Library Starter Kit version 3.0 today! I'm really proud of this. I hope it empowers you to start making cool PHP libraries and tools.

To get started with it, enter the following:

composer create-project ramsey/php-library-starter-kit YOUR-PROJECT-NAME

Cool , you dropped video coverage from like 600m to 200m in an uphill sprint finish, cool cool cool, way to put on a race 🤬🤬

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Sitting down for a four-hour ferry trip: I know, I'll catch up on the news!
After reading a guy who decided to be less of a jackass to his family after eight years of fatherhood and found the experience so mind-blowing that he had to write about it and the WASHINGTON POST PUBLISHED IT: nevermind where's my Kindle

Dear Norwegians,

If you bring your kid to a dinner and they have a fever afterwards but you don't think it's C19 so you're not gonna get them tested, just keep it to yourself. Don't make everybody else responsible for your negligence.

a Murican in Norway

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