Wout van Aert will win this if there is any justice in the world.

I'm going to make a decoy deploy button so busy stakeholders will think I deployed and let me know what needs to be changed before I actually deploy. 😈

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@jon_valdes Duct tape for things that are supposed to stay, WD-40 for things that are supposed to move.

how come i only get cute ringlets in my hair when it's soaked in sweat

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today's fun fact is that git branch names can include non-breaking spaces

@Montesboogie Talent *is* a thing, but I've found it more stressful than liberating. It makes me compare my abilities to others' in ways that aren't healthy or productive. Biking (for me) is about getting better, not proving that I'm already great. My current baseline is X, and if I put in the work, it will improve to Y. It doesn't matter how much talent I have; that line is going to up and to the right regardless. (My body will hit a physical limit eventually, but it'll be a while.)

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Pro tip: Reading code is hard enough. Don't leave dead code just lying around, in case you might need to copy/paste it later.

That also goes for commented code. Use git for history if you need it.

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