@yisraeldov Yeah but you can bike without killing yourself on black ice in that weather!

@lychee Thanks! I contacted the local election board (that was the contact email in the registration notice), but I'll reach out to the national commission too.

Somebody just used my email address to register to vote in the UK.

Folks, don't do that. Seriously. Please don't use a throwaway email to register to vote.

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Guess how many times I have accidentally swapped to the Primary inbox instead of selecting all.

Why yes, Netflix, I *would* like to cry for a couple hours straight and then be depressed for a week. How did you know.

@russsaidwords At the bottom of that menu there's a "Hide everything from <instance>" that might do what you want, if I'm understanding correctly!

@russsaidwords Thusly? Or do you mean like an admin muting an instance for a specific account?

(I'm mostly keeping the world muted because turns out my mechanical keyboard is SUPER CLACKY)

@Keatsbery I'm generally not a fan of earbuds because they either hurt or don't stay in my ears, but these seem to be doing the trick on both counts. I haven't used Airpods, and I don't understand how they don't constantly fall out of people's heads.

I just got some fancy wireless earbuds and there's a button to mute and unmute the world around me and I am living in the future, friends.

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By request, the morning duck parade set to the Imperial March. ° 🦆

Thank you, acmetool, for being so easy to use when I wanted to add a domain to my cronjob (long after I'd forgotten how I set you up) that I thought I broke you. Didn't. You're the best.

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Hey devs,

It's OK if you don't recognize yourself in the typical developer stereotype. It's not because you don't belong, but because the stereotype is wrong.

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