For the billionth time, explode(), I really don't need an array with a single empty string when I hand you a null. We've been through this. Do better.

Aaaaaaaand I missed the Dutch conference CFP for literally no reason at all.

tfw you want to refactor a thing and you go to write tests for it AND THERE ARE ALREADY TESTS FOR IT

Renamed some vars in a shell script. Went to rename the last instance, but the IDE reported it was already defined. Checked the definition and ended up deep in an un-namespaced Composer dependency.

Namespace your packages, folks.

Hilarity from the 7 migration: unexpected fun with json_encode() and floating point precision!

(In 7.1, json_encode() started using the serialize_precision setting instead of the precision setting for floating point output. precision default is 14; serialize_precision default is 17. 17 is apparently long enough to display how bad computers are at decimals.)

mysqli_stmt::bind_param makes me feel simultaneously magical and squicky.

A side project webhook has been broken for months because I upgraded the server from 7.1 to 7.2 and forgot to point the config at the new socket.


Spent the day messing with class parameters to switch between 5 and PHP 7, have decided that class parameters are terrible and I should have used host parameters.

I don't think I ever did one of these and there's 🍍 all these new people 🍍 so: #introductions 

I'm mostly a software engineer and , with tangents to , failing to learn , and otherwise wasting a perfectly good B.Mus in performance. I was a (SERVER FIRST ALGALON 10), and now I'm a .

For the folk: I'm contemplating doing route-group-specific exception handling with a middleware that wraps $next($request, $response); in a try/catch. Am I a derp?

Ok I got all my front-end build dependencies and my build dependencies and my build dependencies, I guess all that's left is to set up a box with the provisioner that hasn't been updated in a couple years.

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