*first checkpoint, solo flawless*
hey look, a prime engram. good thing this dungeon has checkpoints!
*goes to tower*
hm do the checkpoints work for flawless too?

I am relieved when I run out of special ammo, because it means I can swap to a primary and get some kills.

video game gun 

I have shot the things and picked up the things and avenged my teammates and stood on the plates and avoided the quest-breaking bug and is mine.

To all the QA and test automation junkies watching the puzzle attempts: How you doin.

Dear Bungie,

Stop putting the best perks on my least favorite gear set. I look like an insect.

a hunter

Queueing comp in a 2-stack with a guy way better than me, the other 2-stack in a good game invites us to group afterwards, we play a few, they make sure to get on my teammate's friends list.

Not mine though.

If you're AFK/botting in , I hope you wake up with a cockroach on your face.

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