ok but seriously how does one swap wheels without also spending an hour futzing with disc brakes asking for a friend

tfw it's so gorgeous outside you could cry but your scheduled workout looks like a Rube Goldberg machine @mastobikes

cycling nerdery 

more evidence that you should always get on the bike. even if you're tired and your legs hurt and the workout looks really hard and you don't wanna today. get on, pedal for 20 minutes, and then make choices.

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I feel like the enthusiasm and drive from these equestrians is not quite matched by the guys riding a flat 190km before an uphill finish.

cycling nerdery 

the survive-rainy-muddy-gravel-with-a-headwind-in-the-cold-on-a-false-flat training ride @mastobikes

cycling nerdery 

i do on mondays because if you pile as much stupid as possible on a single day then you have less stupid on other days

starts tomorrow and if you're not rooting for the national champion of luxembourg to win the stage race in luxembourg named after the luxembourgish first world champion, then you need to re-evaluate your decision-making process.

my group ride leader: "Welcome to the easy ride! Today we'll stay in zone 1 & 2."


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