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After decades of chasing my "talent" and taking any resistance at any activity as a sign that I'm untalented and destined to fail, this thing is wildly liberating. Input work → output results. No talent, no natural affinity. Just f*ing work.

Uh wait, can anybody buy a ticket for 89 GBP and show up and ride in this? Is this my shot to bike around land?!

I don't think I ever did one of these and there's 🍍 all these new people 🍍 so: #introductions 

I'm mostly a software engineer and , with tangents to , failing to learn , and otherwise wasting a perfectly good B.Mus in performance. I was a (SERVER FIRST ALGALON 10), and now I'm a .

So I'm not sure this was the intent, but watching world champion and Olympic medalist get a bike fit that addressed her "wonky" body, as another woman with a "wonky" body, was super encouraging.

No leg warmers, no thermal jersey, no wool socks, where am I and what have you done with .

😀: Surprise sunny day!
😣: Forgot to launder the kit.
😀: Time for new kit!

tfw you want to go for a ride but your jersey is still drying from the last one

Caught my knobby tires on the tip of my (slightly too big) sneakers twice yesterday, once in the middle of this: Possibly time to go clipless.

Contemplating picking up my first cyclocross bike this weekend, the better for in the land of perpetual wintry-mix. It's out of season, but the local bike shops still have a few in stock. Advice/gotchas welcome!