"Sometimes I was a little surprised, I looked back and she was still there, and I was in trouble, heh."



I missed that is a thing that exists. Maybe next year I can work on finding out about cool events earlier than THE DAY THEY HAPPEN 🤦

++n is a vintage dame because sometimes you just need to go to the post office

Can I just turn your attention to Edwige Pitel for a sec: an engineer and PhD who started professionally in 2003 and just finished 6th at stage 2.

At 52.


Jaunted off to the Ramsøy fort, a German artillery battery from WWII. It was too hot to be a good idea but the Askøy archipelago is gorgeous anyway.

"On one occasion [in 2017], an official from the men's union approached [the Dutch national champion] and asked 'Do you really think women are professional cyclists?'"



It took us a several hours of collaborative mechanical difficulties, but we managed to get outside! Benjamin is now an expert in hydraulic disc brake rub. And beadlock rims.

Not shown: gravel and some hills probably intended for bicycles with very fat tires and suspension frames.

On one hand I'm a little sad these numbers are not as high as the numbers I wanted, but on the other hand I'm happy they went up a little and maybe I won't kill myself with the rest of this training block.

Last kilometer of the race yesterday, courtesy of /u/HerHor on Reddit. That uphill sprint finish is BANANAS, Anna van der Breggen is an absolute beast. streamable.com/9xe51

Wout van Aert will win this if there is any justice in the world.

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