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For the first time I think possibly this year I've actually been able to watch an entire episode of something on my iPad while using the elliptical! 🎉

You have no idea how happy this makes me, since COVID hit I was doing it every day after work until I buggered up my right knee towards the end of last year. Ended up going to a physiotherapist followed by like two months of twice-weekly exercise physiologist. Tomorrow's my last regular visit, then I'll just pop in for a check-up every fortnight for a bit, then it should be smooth sailing!

I'm still not at the amount of incline and resistance on the elliptical that I was doing before, but that's just a case of building up to it now.


Fitness, physical health (+) 

@virtualwolf Huge congrats, this must have been so frustrating!

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Fitness, physical health (+) 

@ellotheth Thanks!! It was SO frustrating, especially because I'd actually gotten significantly MORE fit since COVID hit, haha.

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