I think I've accidentally given the impression that Norway is beautiful and sunny all the time, so here's a more representative sample.

@virtualwolf YES but really so much better than this weather in January when everything is brown and gray.

@ellotheth that's still beautiful and sunny!
(I'm an indoors guy)

@xorowl i'm concerned that your preference for the indoors has led to you forget what the sun looks like 😆

@ellotheth I'm a jokey joke guy haha! I live somewhere that has nice variety now but I lived in California where it was nothing BUT clear sky's... It was boring. Overcast is my favorite because it's bright out but not so bright it hurts your eyes or gets too hot. It's a nice time to be outside!
Where I am, every day the sky is like a new painting.....

@ellotheth I actually like this more compared to the sunny clear skies. Having the beautiful green against a grey cloud y sky is a wonderful contrast.

Although I'm also happier when the weather turns in any direction from being sunny, so maybe that's just me.

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