GAAA I missed the doorbell on a package delivery so now I get to pay another $10 and wait another two days to get the freaking package and if Norway could freaking figure out its freaking postal system that would be GREAT.

@ellotheth assuming the doorbell was even pushed. Have had more drive bys than I can remember.

Lived in a apartment block once and caught a delivery guy walk in, post about 4 or 5 "sorry, you were out" cards into mailboxes and try and split. Didn't go near the buzzers.

@ellotheth Fucking hell, even Royal Mail aren't that bad. Although Hermes and Yodel leave a lot to be desired.

@gboyd42 The default here is "we'll leave packages at the closest grocery store that has a post office attached", so I'd already paid the $10 for delivery to my door. 😡 😡 😡 😡

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