I just got some fancy wireless earbuds and there's a button to mute and unmute the world around me and I am living in the future, friends.

(I'm mostly keeping the world muted because turns out my mechanical keyboard is SUPER CLACKY)

@ellotheth Are these better that Airpods? I want to get some new earbuds :/ But I was thinking of the sony ones

@Keatsbery I'm generally not a fan of earbuds because they either hurt or don't stay in my ears, but these seem to be doing the trick on both counts. I haven't used Airpods, and I don't understand how they don't constantly fall out of people's heads.

@ellotheth I love my noise canceling headphones with my clacky keyboard. It never fully blocks out the clickity-clacks, just makes them much quieter, so I can still here it without it being distracting from music.

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