I was really hoping Norway would be exempt from the European heat wave. 💦

@ellotheth That's the problem with terraforming a planet. The changes made to any large region tend to involve the entire planet. In our case, it look like those who pray for the heat death of the world are winning.

@AskChip no look i'm sure if we all just move closer to the arctic/antarctic circles this problem will solve itself.

@ellotheth Is it the arctic circle that has all those wildfires burning now?


er yeah i have no idea

@ellotheth Greenland, Siberia and Alaska. Due to unprecedented heat wildfires are burning. Doesn't say if any of that are burning trees. 400 wildfires in Alaska alone.

@ellotheth I had a daydream of the apocalypse when I was 15. It was as if I'd be living during it. I passed it off as just another daydream of doom. I never imagined I'd be living better than 45 years later in the middle of the apocalypse but having already foreseen it I seem to be unsurprised. I'm more disappointed that people didn't listen to me warn them about the signs of it coming.

@ellotheth That's properly warm even by Australian standards!

@virtualwolf We have transformed the house into a heat-repelling cave. I think.

@ellotheth (Oh totally unrelated, I moved to a while back, I think you're still following my now-unused account!)

@virtualwolf HA yes, that is true, I am awesome at paying attention.

@ellotheth 😂

I love Mastodon, but I wish the account migration story was better!

@virtualwolf Yes! The initial bit is great, but some sort of ongoing "hey this person moved" would be stellar.

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