@ellotheth Oh my god those sites can get DIRECTLY into the bin!

@squaregoldfish It's whatever I get from the random words my password manager gives me, so it's almost always over 32.

@ellotheth I see. LastPass still reckons 16 random chars is good enough, but I've been wondering if I should increase it anyway. It's zero extra effort for me, so I suppose I probably should.

@squaregoldfish 16 random is solid, and that'll keep you under most of the derpy password requirements. I *hate* keying random characters into places that I can't copy/paste (like gaming consoles, or server recovery consoles, or whatever else), so I try to make up for the smaller bit space with length.

@ellotheth Fair point. The only time I hit that issue is my bank who asks for the 5th, 8th and 12th letters.

@ellotheth And of course after I've typed in 3 letters LastPass detects it as a password change and tries to save it. One day I'm definitely going to nuke it by accident.

@ellotheth @squaregoldfish which password manager are you currently using? Have you ever heard of this? masterpassword.app/
I'm not sure if it's a good idea to use it, but it looks pretty convenient.

@ellotheth I'm sorry, but this is mastodon.technology, not mastodon.cursedimages. Please redirect yourself to the appropriate instance.

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