Posting this again for the folks on my side of the Atlantic:

Do you like and ? Do you have strong opinions about ? Come work with me! (And some other people I guess. They're cool too.)

“We use a unique business model where we charge our customers money and use that money to pay expenses. It’s pretty revolutionary, but we think it might take off.”


Excellent job posting.

@ellotheth "We’re a remote first team, collaborating over Slack, Email and Google docs." is a deal-breaker.

@magicfab Fair, we use a lot of proprietary stuff! Work gets tracked in Trello, meetings happen in Hangouts or Zoom, we throw a little monitoring into DataDog, deploy with DeployBot, subscription bill with Recurly. We even pay for some Slack bots.

@ellotheth Aww, not my side of the atlantic. ^^
It'd be nice if I could figure that out from the toot already… :3
(Unless I'm missing something and there was a hint in one of those hashtags? :o )

@ellotheth Or wait, you just mean, like, because timezones… silly me :D

@NerdResa YES yes, just timezones, I'm in Norway! Gimme your resume, let's do this!

@ellotheth I'll think about it ^^
Mostly I just wanted to point out that I misunderstood your toot.

@NerdResa 👍 (in your defense, it was shamefully lacking in context.)

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