You know what, I think my favorite part is the "For security reasons" on the second requirement. As opposed to the other seven requirements, which are because hates you.

Continuing the saga: has now emailed me a set of recovery codes.

@ellotheth almost sounds like GDPR paranoia tied to the next time their password db leaks (you can bet they're not storing salted hashes, not with a 16 char upper limit)

@trickster So my theory with the 16-character upper limit -- because Microsoft also has one and whatever you think of Microsoft they understand how passwords work -- is that there is some ancient legacy user auth system that all their web properties feed into, and that system was built with a 16-char limit on input, and nobody can change it because everything would break, but the passwords *are* being hashed inside that system.

My theory helps me sleep at night.

@ellotheth well, it better be the only system that can create hashes by applying pressure on a special military-grade quartz or something

we're gonna need a lot of applied phlebotinum in order to wring more entropy out of those 128 bits 😅

@ellotheth I remember an ancient system which used to silently trim the passwords to 8 characters. at least nowadays they warn you about it.

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