Dear Bungie,

Stop putting the best perks on my least favorite gear set. I look like an insect.

a hunter

@virtualwolf RIGHT?! I mean seriously what does a lady have to do to get some snazzy duds.

@ellotheth It always causes me physical pain to have to put gear on that is better but LOOKS way worse!

@virtualwolf I have two sets worth of raid gear just rotting in my vault because I can't bear to part with such hotness.

@virtualwolf (Although honestly the formal shorts are little weird.)

@ellotheth Haha, I don't think I've even seen them. I haven't done any raiding whatsoever.

@ellotheth euurgh there was a helmet with good perks and power level to it and it had the most ridiculous horns on it.

Seriously Hel from Thor Ragnarok would have thought it a bit much.

@ellotheth This is actually something I've been thinking about a lot recently. Why not just let the player characters wear what they want, and put all the game mechanical stuff on gear that is not visible (or even make it a skill)?

@deshipu Sure. World of Warcraft handled it (after several years) with transmogrification, changing the appearance of one gear piece to another without modifying the stats.

Any solution would a) be another game system Bungie would have to build, and b) drop the cap on player engagement (because if you can mix and match perks and appearances, you don't have to grind for the perfect piece). I can't imagine it's high on their list, heh.

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