I am *so excited* about my new project at $dayjob.

@ellotheth We're about a month away from that same experience at my job. I hope it goes smoothly for you.

@russsaidwords Thanks! We're taking the "deploy everything to box running PHP 7 and see what breaks" approach, it'll be a TRIP.

@erichalv No I'm happy! This is exciting! We could get off 5.6 before EOL! (I mean we run Debian so it's not *really* EOL but still!)

@ellotheth Excellent! Glad to hear - I know there were a great number of good things in 7. 👏

@erichalv Is it weird if like intdiv() is near the top of the list of things I'm excited about?

@ellotheth o.O there wasn't an integer dividing function previously??

@erichalv NEWP. There's a round(), which is what I use for monetary values! 😅 😓 😅

@ellotheth Wow. That is a functional affront. I'm sorry you ever had to go without.
Upgrade! ✊

@erichalv RIGHT?! I mean it works, it's fine, the only rounding errors our billing code has had have been coder error, BUT STILL.

@ellotheth curious why you'd migrate to a version that is EOL before the current one? Or should the ticket be 7.x? :)

@dshafik There's no official documentation that has 'Migrating from PHP 5.6.x to PHP 7.2.x' as the header.

@dshafik Ah yes! Dangit, I should have made it a bigger screenshot.

I'm lobbying for 7.2.x, but it's possible--nay, likely--that the sysadmin will be like "no, just use whatever comes with Debian 9" and roll the Debian and PHP upgrades into one.

@ellotheth watch out for things that get treated as ints that shouldn't be (especially implicit float casting). Otherwise a "show me what will break" sniff should have you covered :)

also I apologize if this was unsolicited advice... I'm happy for you. 7 has some neat things :D

@ellotheth I had to do that recently and it was actually a bunch of fun and learning!

@ellotheth How much work does the upgrade entail? Do you have plans to move off 7.0 shortly after?

@jmichaelward We're upgrading to 7.2, 7.0 is just the first migration guide in the official docs, heh. It's a decent amount of work: Ten-ish servers (Puppetized, but not all the same) and about a dozen projects.

@ellotheth Awesome! That sounds real fun. I hope you’ll share some of your frustrations/revelations about the migration here!

@preinheimer Ha, no, I think the world has had enough PHP 7 migration blogs to last it to PHP 8. (Also the DNS migration idea was yours anyway, so no u. I just work here.)

@ellotheth That time I changed a cname from to will keep them enthralled for pages.

@preinheimer You know you're right, my who-needs-to-plan-let's-just-turn-everything-on-all-at-once-oops-it's-all-broken plan would make for much more dramatic reading.

@ellotheth I'm in!

Especially since we'd be in a "at some point in the next 30 minutes puppet will install PHP 7, no one leave." wait loop.

@preinheimer This is why I don't make the plans, Paul! This is why! Actively avoiding the peter principle is basically my mission in life.

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