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I don't think I ever did one of these and there's 🍍 all these new people 🍍 so: #introductions 

Options for fixing a data migration issue today:

1. Mildly complicated find/replace in SQL
2. Mildly complicated find/replace with sed
3. Tweak and retry the migration
4. Sketchy JSON import
5. Manually fix ~60 broken things

I've got "senior" in my job title, so I went with 5.

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Oh my God, Becky.
Look at this pull request.
I mean, this commit, it's just so small.
I can't believe it's just so concise,
like it's well thought out.
It's just so... good.

I like small DIFFS, and I cannot lie.
You other hackers can deny,
But when a patch comes in with an itty-bitty count,
and that bug fix in your face
You hit MERGE.

He just rolled down the hill. I didn't get the phone out fast enough, so you'll have to take my word for it


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@ellotheth When you follow the link and find that you were the person that provided the answer, and you've since completely forgotten about it...

Things I have learned from on Netflix:

- "Country music" is American rock, generally
- A thin dude in baggy clothes is a fat dude
- High school cafeterias in Norway are basically resorts

"Sometimes I was a little surprised, I looked back and she was still there, and I was in trouble, heh."

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halp i think i'm addicted to -compose

i don't even really know how to use it

it just makes stuff work


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@ellotheth Fun fact: All three received a AFI Life Achievement Award, with Williams' award tributed by Spielberg himself.

*starts watching The Post while a backup runs*

yay, guy from !

*watches another five minutes*

wait the music is great, who scored this




A: It was bracus.
B: That's not a word.
A: Really? Er...*shame*


A: It was bracus.
B: Definitely not a word.

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Random fact about Finnish 

Seriously I think is my favorite Website on the Internet.

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