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I don't think I ever did one of these and there's 🍍 all these new people 🍍 so: #introductions 

I'm mostly a software engineer and , with tangents to , failing to learn , and otherwise wasting a perfectly good B.Mus in performance. I was a (SERVER FIRST ALGALON 10), and now I'm a .

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Truth Social is now known as "Boomer 4chan."

Pass it on.

(pillaged from @snipe )

Aw crap, do I have to stop using the short $lookup syntax (localField/foreignField) too if I want to use the index?

Shoulda used sparse. I knew I shoulda just used sparse.

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Today in Gemma Is Great At Her Job: Partial indexes in get ignored in queries unless the query explicitly matches the filter condition from the index.

This episode is brought to you by No But Seriously RTFM, LLC

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I'm a big fan of Framework laptops, trying to tackle a problem like e-waste before it gets out of control (*coughs* Apple Fan Boys *coughs*). Reading a blog on just how much further they are going with recycled materials in the construction of laptop just makes it even more sweeter.

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It's only an algorithm if it comes from the algorithm region of France, otherwise it's just sparkling conditionals.

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when you spend an hour shaving a huge yak and it turns out your libmongodb version was fine and you just had a typo in your query 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

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Today marks the 10th anniversary of my first commit to ramsey/uuid. Thanks to everyone who has contributed and used my library over the past decade. You're the ones who have made it special. 🙏💜💜💜

today in things-i-get-to-fix-immediately-after-golive: causal consistency!

there are a lot of reasons i watch bike racing and this is like 70% of them

Wild finish today, I don't know about that line deviation from Charlotte Kool 😬😬

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Both watchmakers and bridge builders are engineers, but their challenges and techniques are very different, unique to their trade.

Software engineers build bridges out of watches.

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"The Ethics Board says we can't abduct Humans for the Galactic Zoo."
"Told you."
"So we asked for volunteers."
"Human volunteers?"
"You asked the most curious, reckless, and inventive species we've ever found for volunteers?"
"We got lots!"
"What's your security budget?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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I think our bodies should just store excess heat in summer to keep us warmer in the winter

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@normandc @mastobikes checkout

It's based on Open Street Map with cool traffic data stuff on top

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Honestly, you don't want my opinions here.
My opinions here would get me fired.
I'm out of charity for the rhetoric that has led us here.
I've lost all belief in all parties doing their best for what they believe is right.
It's all I can do to not explode with rage in every corner of my life.

So don't. Don't ask me to discuss it. There's not any amount of self-care that will make this "okay". This is not okay. I am not okay.

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If I were an American woman I would be out in the streets setting shit on fire

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I am amazed at how "php is a shit language" is still such a thing, in any listing or discussion, especially of the "what should a noob learn" variety.

Yaknow... it powers the damn web. If you wanna do web, do php. It's actually pretty good.

And if you're planning on doing something else in CS, maybe it's not even relevant.

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