I can’t wait to use “take the SUPER high road” in my next argument

From one social network to another. Cheers, fam.

Currently drinking BBA Salted Caramel Stout from Breakside.

What's up with following/followers lists on here? It seems like most of the apps (and the views on the web) only show a portion of the list of followers. Is this an API limitation?

I feel like Mastodon's hashtag culture is going to be like Instagram's, since following hashtags is so prominent.

Time to SEO the shit out of some hashtags.

Time to fire off this , I suppose!

I'm a mobile engineer (where's at?) who's into delicious craft beer, StarCraft and other esports, indie and alt rock.

Normally, I talk about iOS, JavaScript, programming languages and the like, but I'm sure I'll dive into other topics on here.

It sure is quiet here compared to my Twitter timeline. What are some good follows, besides the folks I know from the Twitterverse?

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