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seeing a package.json file, i believed this software was written in Javascript, but what a FOOL i am, how NAIVE i must be to belive that! for this software, this software uses ONE JAVASCRIPT BASH REPLACEMENT AND IS OTHERWISE ENTIRELY WRITTEN IN PHP

i don't know who needs to hear this, but when someone says business things should be people-driven and focus on solving genuine problems, they're dunking on your skunkworks team trying to use AI to make your sales team the best coffee possible, because you want your sales team to spend less time brewing coffee

my paycheck arrives

my wallet surges with energy and hovers several feet above the ground

without making a sound, it fires a laser directly through my skull, killing me instantly

monster hunter has an event right now and my dude now looks like me with my pumpkin mask on

ahh, my IconImage has been successfully populated! Time to use it!

Ahh, the location is still null! Haha!

On that note if you notice that I've put some Real Info on here and I'm stupid please lmk, I am

Not Good At Website Using

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There's a reason I don't put any "real" personal info on here, and it's because I seem to have the weirdest fucking problems with everything and I don't want people to think that they'll ever have the same issues with the orgs I interact with. They won't, I just do, probably because I was cursed or something

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so apparently my first paycheck is in the mail, shipped last friday, but it has Not Yet Arrived and i am getting Very Angery

Thinking of leveraging OOP to organize your code? Forget that, toss everything into a single directory. Good luck, archaeologists!

pets, scary 

the local animal emergency hospital has, by my estimation, killed 5 pets in the last 3 weeks based on their Google reviews. but whenever something happens with my ferrets, my vet refers them there.

I think it might be time to find a new vet 🤔

paycheck got delayed by a week because accounting forgot to send all vendor invoice payments

guess i'll just eat my fuckin shoes this weekend

coconut man

coconut man

i hope he makes drinks

the coconut man

yesterday I tried MHW again and some dude joined my lightning lizard hunt and immediately started spouting nonsense about a coconut man

i am not going to research this further, if there's a coconut man i want to genuinely react to it

yes, computers, the most fulfilling personality type


me, to everyone in my life: yes, computers are a personality. dont really see what the problem is


kind of feel like i dont have a personality and its really terrible

Alright: Star Fetchers is not a "Good Game" but it's got cheezy writing, and an absolute BANGER soundtrack. Entirely too short, but I'd actually pay money for this game if there were more of it.

alright, star fetchers is looking good. at the very least some shitpost worthy lines.

i'm sorry in advance

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