New conspiracy theory: nasty online platforms are sponsoring robocalls, phone scams, and text message spam, just to push more people off the PSTN and onto their services.

Facebook, please fuck off about my free vacation, I know you're behind this!


@unlofl This would explain why so many just call and immediately hang up. it's an annoyance strategy!

@eletious Yes, though my guess is that those are just old school "war dialing." They may even have some voice detection, but I think they're just finding active numbers and selling them to the next asshole, similar to how getting on the "do not call" list puts you on the "get called by the next asshole" list.

I've taken to just pressing 1 to talk to a person, then muting the phone and putting it down. Wasting their time is the worst I can do, hopefully they tell IT about "no audio calls" too.

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