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I think there's a really unhealthy tendency that I have to want to rip out technology that:
- is legacy
- is hard to understand
by the sole principal that if I spend time working on improving these things I will not be productive enough, and I am concerned. Sometimes, I think, this thought process has virtue, in the sense that I find ways to solve a problem better than the way it was solved before.

But other times, I think that I'm dismissing lessons learned made manifest by legacy solutions.

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I'm incredibly happy to finally be able to talk about this wild thing I've been apart of building for 4 years!


I spent my day and night yesterday looking into a MacOS vagrant replacement for CI, looking forward to regretting that use of time

Has anyone heard of Veertu? Thinking about trying some of their products but they look kind of shady in that "this product can not exist legally" way

I'm actually looking forward to this week, which is a sign that I'm in trouble

This toot brought to you by Apple!

"Apple: We're grafting your money onto our skins"

This toot brought to you by Ruby!

"Ruby: Strings are arrays, but only sometimes"

itsy bitsy teeny weeny application build machiney

I live in an echo chamber again. I did everything I could to avoid working in an echo chamber. How did this happen?

Ruby's great, but like... what if it actually came with a debugger

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Welcome to Monday, here are some earplugs and mouth guards to help protect from the wailing and gnashing of teeth

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I should commit my code more often. I'm just worried that I'm going to get into some unmaintainable state with git branches - but I'm not going to get better unless I keep trying new things.

So I'm thinking about ripping out the majority of my company's build tooling and redesigning it from square 1. This is going to be a pretty large undertaking - I'm still taking notes on the way things work now, and understanding what the requirements would be for a new system... but change is coming.

I can't wait.

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