decided to clean up my home directory and accidentally deleted ~/tools :sadcat:

religious raving, Metatron 

religious shitpost 

work, mh- 

work, mh- 

I wonder if the people who put NES OSTs together know about how much their influence is visible - err, audible - in the chiptune scene.

I kind of want to play with Flutter a little bit, mostly because it scratches a Cool Runtime Target itch I didn't know I had until I learned about Fuschia

alright, it's just like... 10 lines of code, I can write this.

if I don't find myself browsing the Reddit for a fucking hour and tweaking my coporscheme AGAIN

TNG has had me pretty much captivated since episode 1, and I'm like halfway through season two. I cannot BELIEVE I don't hear about it more often

I need to find a thing to make my computer do, so that i can sink some time into making my computer do it

I had a conversation with my then-manager a while back about what PNGs are, and it seemed super cool, so I had the idea to write up some PNG libraries during the quarantine, but... I don't know much about C, and libpng already exists, so it feels kind of dumb to even consider wrapping my brain around how it works

AC, spoiler 

I'm holding off on Doom Eternal in favor of Animal Crossing for three reasons:
1. I'm still having a fucking blast with the last Doom
2. I don't know if Doom Eternal and Linux get along yet
3. My roommate might actually play Animal Crossing with me during the quarantine

haha, a single adventure in Swift has turned me into a blathering idiot

i know a poor tradesman blames his tools, but good lord xcode makes zero sense to me

remember the days when the most heated discussion you'd had about viruses was whether or not they classified as living things?

ok so

it turns out Nietzsche may have actually been crazy as fuck, and he's not just misunderstood

holy shit this guy

The results are in: when it comes to whether or not people lower their ears to their headphones to put them in, most people have no idea what the hell you're talking about! Thanks everyone!

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