I'll say this though, Mt St Helens is super super cool. There's a huge flat area at the base of the mountain that you can see the water cutting through, and it's really peaceful.

If there weren't signs everywhere telling you that all of the life there is less than 40 years old, you might not even be able to tell that the mountain erupted

I went to Mt St Helens yesterday and became 100% Tourist Science Man

Which is to say that I shared a lot of dumbass thoughts on the area based on the limited information I could glean from the signs that everybody else also read


Man, I don't know what the problem is yet, but I woke up in a baaaad mood...

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The longer my proposals go without feedback the more likely I am to just do the thing I'm proposing

I'm getting paid, I've gotta do SOMETHING right?

i was going to purchase a couch


the seller would not tell me their location until ~3 hours prior to pickup, and i didn't want to reserve the uhaul until i knew where it was

guess who isn't getting a couch now

Let's use GraphQL for all build- and run-time settings, but leverage NONE of the benefits, refuse to separate these concerns, and simulate a versioned API by gating everything on a "release train"

I can't even do anything about it because I'm tied up in other work

violence, docker? 

weird that OR doesn't have Tim Hortons

I know they're Canadian but they were around in the Midwest

wooooo angery feelings

now my whole night is thrown off-wack, i desperately need to do something productive

Just got off a train to get out of the way of people actually getting off, and then blockaded out of the train when people started getting on.

that kind of thing makes me mad like i used to get

I don't know if this world is real or if we're in some crazy video game

But shit, if we are, thank you for playing

can't you see he's the man
let me hear you applaud
he is more than a man
he has tiny fluffy dogs

I want to keep using atom but it's just not *there* right now

I wish MS hadn't purchased GitHub... it feels like Atom has been behind VSCode for a long time and it needs some love

I've got a few ideas already, but I might be missing a few crucial pieces that other devs have implemented and saved a ton of time

Has anyone built dev tooling for a white label app company? I'm trying to plan out some long-term projects at my current job and would LOVE some pointers

I use "hat" and "otherHat" instead of "foo" and "bar" and I don't know why

I don't even really like hats

i wish there were a bots-only feed, so that i could follow bots without my feed being totally polluted

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