Today marks my fourth day with a startup in Portland, taking over the build engineering responsibilities of a guy who's leaving in two weeks!

I am excited (BEYOND excited) but also FREAKING OUT

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"Haha, funny story - we thought we had approval for 2 resources, but we actually only had approval for one!"

Yeah, okay. Not the first time I've heard this line, and I'm sure it won't be the last, but for fuck's sake can hiring managers at least coordinate the recited letdown they use so it's not the same one? I already feel bad about the position, now it feels like I'm 1) so pitiful that any real feedback would kill me and 2) too stupid to tell the difference.

You know, in times like these, I like to think about something my dad used to say to me:

"I think your sister tried to poison me with antifreeze, and then took my animation cel from The Little One!"

He found the cel about a year later in the basement. Great guy, honestly.

None of this would be necessary if VT/d wasn't disabled by default, AND the screw mount for the hard drive wasn't broken. It runs Windows, and I want to run linux either in a VM or on the hardware (I'm going to use it as a sort of pairing station), but I can't virtualize and I can't boot from USB so here we are.

I don't know why virtualization is always disabled by default, but it really grinds my gears!

I'm trying to get a Probook 4540s to let me into its BIOS, and I'm at the point where I may need to buy equipment to flash the damn thing. The most frustrating part of this endeavor is talking to repair shops in the area that might have the equipment I need, and getting treated like a thief who's trying to flip the laptop.

I BUILT the fucking thing from 3 different laptops when I was repairing them, and received it as a gift when I left my repair job. I'm not trying to flip it, I'm just trying to use it.

If only there were a way to manage C dependencies like you can with Bundle or NPM...

... oh, wait, that's what package managers are 😂

I came here to learn C and build a Lisp

and I'm all out of brain cells

Choice: consulting gig doing configuration that I will hate, or software dev gig in a place I can't afford.

Life presents me with such excellent choices, but it forgets that defenestration is a choice I can make at any time of my own volition

why utilize the internal hard bay drives when you can use external hard bay drives with fun eject buttons

shoutout to the NES music makers that actually built tracks with ppmck

you are so much cooler than i have ever been, or ever will be

also ppmck is fun to learn C with

Reason to use Mastodon instead of Burdsite #281: No PETA stupidity

If thou gaze long into a debugger, the debugger will also gaze into thee

Finally met with a dev in Central Oregon, thought it would never happen!

Also found a really cool smoothie place in Roseburg, so... looks like everything's coming up 😂

Finally hearing back from recruiters and employers. I'm almost at the offer stage with one... not sure how to handle job hunting when opportunities come in staggered like this.

Also interesting to note is that DO has a greater library of One-Click apps, but pretty much exclusively stocks Open Source distros. Vultr does allow you to spin up Win🅱️ows, but I don't really award points for that.

Both platforms seem to have a ton of docs about spinning up and maintaining apps on the platform, and having used DO's in the past I know theirs are ok - though, some are becoming outdated. Looking at Vultr they've added an article bounty. Not sure how I feel about that.

Worth mentioning is that this lowest-tier instance does NOT come with an IPv4 address. For that, you spend an extra $1.

So $3.50/mo for brainlets like me. Still pretty impressive, honestly.

Things get weird as you scale, though - at the $10/month tier you get only 40GB of space on Vultr, as opposed to DO's 50. Not really a huge problem if you're building tiny things, but just a weird thing.

I'm a little curious how reliable Vultr is compared to DO, but I don't know how you'd benchmark that.

Holy cow, the pricing is different to start. 2.50/mo for their lowest tier instance, weighing in at .5GB RAM, 20GB storage, and half a TB of transfer.

DO's lowest offering is $5/mo with similar specs, but it comes with a full TB of transfer

wow, Vultr looks a LOT like DO. What's the difference?

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