I've reached the point in my career where I need to create a stack overflow account

pray for me

Either the Jenkins documentation got way better, or I got better at reading it

I have a sneaking suspicion that "put the project details in the bag" will not go well

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people working in corporate jobs: when you inherit a project, or part of a project, what is the best way to ask for all the relevant details on the project so that you don't keep putting your foot in your mouth or doing unnecessary work that is voided by decisions made before you arrived?

i had to collect myself for a minute after realizing/remembering that Jenkins itself is a Jenkins Plugin

Does anyone have any advice for doing this? I'm not really sure how to wire all the switches up - iirc you have to treat it like a matrix and wire rows/columns into your controller, but I can't visualize it for some reason

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thinking about using my qfr as fodder for a split keyboard

really wishing i had pulled the trigger on a 3d printer last year

Ahh, there's already a class named Timer? No need to fix that class, we'll just make a new one called Timmer!

Is Design Patterns a good book, or is it one of those things you read and then smugly tell everyone about?

unsolicited tool opinion 

Code > IntelliJ

Should I stream Monster Hunter tonight?

Does anyone stream on twitch from a Linux box? I'm struggling a little bit with my setup and I'm wondering if it's even viable to do certain things like overlays

you ever have unstaged changes, write some code that updates and commits one file, test it, then reset the changes so that the one commit isn't present in git history... but use reset --hard instead of reset --soft and wipe your unstaged changes?


shop talk - 

i hate asking for help when i run into problems with software I'm writing build tooling for. it makes me feel like i shouldn't be on the team, which is frustrating because i joined as a ruby build engineer walking into a java/gradle shop and i'm pretty much forever doomed to be lost

ohhhhoho, yeesssss, it *is* time to boot into my new system, Debian

with no GUI

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I'm setting up some build agents for a client's CI system, and I gotta tell y'all

after years of having to have a windowing system present to run software tests, there is NOTHING as satisfying as unchecking all the GUI options when you're installing a VM

and I really mean it, I don't think I've ever felt this kind of petty satisfaction, ever

take that, past me

work -, caps 

the BEST part (read: THE WORST) is that, underneath it all, it's calling ACTUAL BASH SCRIPTS

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