Thinking about hosting a me instance because the domain i bought while inebriated won't be much good for anything else

Still not sure why so many instances we federate with are gross bot instances but at least i can't see them now

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I have muted all the bots, maybe now global will be interesting

I'd like to propose a new internet law: all websites must be dedicated solely to displaying cute animal pictures. All the social and adtech shit can fuck right off.

This Post Brought to You by A Social Network

video games, the DNA of the soul 

I tried to explain the plot of metal gear to someone yesterday, and it made me realize that metal gear is a little bit more insane than cool

but I'll never not quote Monsoon

Why did i play the phantom pain and not ground zeroes

they were both free



hmm, do i prep to evacuate, or let the flames claim me

vudeo jame, self-harm mention 

receiver is a cool game, but I worry a little bit about prescribing the cause of all suicidal ideation as an external force manipulating people through media


They've been got these 300mg caffeine monsters, and they are... absolutely, without a doubt, meant to be sipped.

I'm pretty sure if I had bought two I'd either be able to see time or dead

I wish there were a show dedicated entirely too Geordi LaForge, god DAMN

added to the list of things I'll never make but always dream about: RIIR shitpost bot

Risk of Rain had NOTHING to do with weather forecasting, refunded

job search, - 

worth noting that this time, it's doubly funny because the job was essentially field service mechanic work, so i have no idea how this recruiter got my resume or thought it would fit *at all*

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job search, - 

"Did you read my resume?"


"Okay, cool. I'll take a look at the job description."

*less than 10 minutes later*

"hey, it looks like your experience on your resume isn't quite what we're looking for"

at this point it's less sad than it is funny

I had She Blinded Me With Science stuck in my head all day yesterday, then continued my TNG binge and came across the episode where a guy gets blinded by science

anyways, I'm starting a fortune-telling business

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