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When your security controls are blocking you from doing legitimate work...

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I. Am. Shocked! This must’ve been so hard to do 😱 I hope the world is kind to her and that she stays safe.


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When we're getting started with Git, it can be difficult to understand where our files live, how they change state, and when exactly they leave our local machine to reach the external repository. I wrote a comic about that (in case you missed it):


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Sobre palestrar:

- Estar num palco não faz de ninguém especialista
- Você não é obrigado(a)

Admiro demais quem palestra (bem), acho foda. Mas existem várias outras formas de contribuir com comunidades e evoluir profissionalmente.

Se você não se sente confortável, só relaxa ❤️

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911 i just mario kart murdered a CHILD


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@vanamerongen@twitter.com @Werkspot@twitter.com Agree completely <3

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After a while of propagating awareness bottom-up, @Werkspot@twitter.com's upper MT has started a company-wide effort to create a more inclusive culture. We're having open and respectful group discussions about it and it feels sooo good 😌✨

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malukenho/mcbumpface 1.0.0 is out!
Update it on your project, please <3


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25% JavaScript
25% CSS
25% HTML
25% Ruby


1.6% Kubernetes
1.7% Docker
3% yarn
14% webpack/rollup
8% Babel
18% TypeScript
13% Node
4% CSS-in-JS
15% GraphQL
21% React
0.6% JavaScript
0.1% HTML

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First midwife appointment of the year. 🤰🏻

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