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@jwage@twitter.com Not sure if the problem is the number of lines or the fact that flush is being called right after persist, which makes it quite likely that this is scattered all over the codebase (not making a efficient use of the unit of work) 🤔

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The EntityManager is closed. Try again in a few minutes. Thank you for your patience!

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A diferença que faz estar disposto a ajudar alguém ❤️

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"Ainda tem um caminho grande para percorrer para alcançar esse nível de imaturidade e descontrole emocional do time masculino" 😂 twitter.com/Zebohemio/status/1

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Performance can’t be managed. You can sow the seeds and nurture the soil, but you can’t make a flower grow by pulling on it

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Beautiful flight from 🇳🇱 Amsterdam to 🇫🇷 Marseille 😍

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@Ocramius@twitter.com @Barilla@twitter.com Well duhh... package needs 9 minutes to cook. If it actially contains spaghetti it is extended with 1 minute.

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“Does this technology enables the people in my team to contribute immediately?” – super inspiring talk by @natalyathree@twitter.com on

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Every time that I try to use Amazon WorkSpaces something is missing. 🙄

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One of the best talks I watched at @ddd_eu@twitter.com this year: Technical debt isn't technical - Einar Høst - DDD Europe 2019 youtu.be/d2Ddo8OV7ig

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Look! It’s @hgraca@twitter.com talking about making architecture explicit here @techinporto@twitter.com

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O mesmo sempre, graças a mim e á terra
E aos meus olhos e ouvidos convictos
E á minha clara contiguidade de alma...

Mas quem olha bem vê que são as mesmas flores.
Porisso quando pareço não concordar commigo,
Reparem bem para mim:
Se estava virado para a direita,
Voltei-me agora para a esquerda,
Mas sou sempre eu, assente sobre os meus pés

Nem sempre sou egual no que digo e escrevo.
Mudo, mas não mudo muito.
A côr das flores não é a mesma ao sol
Do que quando uma nuvem dura
Ou quando fica a noite
E as flores são côr da lembrança.

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