Why is metro boomin on the new James Blake and why does it sound so good.

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please, "mr. torvalds" is my father's name. call me linus tech tips

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idea: .rm file format. Correct program to execute these programs: /bin/rm

Im going to order the purism 5 tomorrow. Is there anything I should know?

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@Linux @dtluna @munosendai @hund

according to who? converting structures to XML and JSON is just a matter of marshalling in any sane language.
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Hey guys, if your mad at firefox, just use gnu icecat :3

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One of my favorite things about #Discord is how it locks you out of reading already received chat when your network goes offline ❤️

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Imagine spending 1400$ on a phone that cant be repaired.

As someone that tried out insta for the first time cause my friends forced me to, thank god the fediverse exists. Normie social media is so bad.


Why danger symbols can’t last forever

This video is so interesting especially as someone whose job is to design for user mis-use.

@Olivia ur so good at tetris. Im gonna subscribe so u can get that 1070

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I get irritated when people who use iPhones go around screeching about how they are advocating privacy, digital rights and software freedom.

no, you're participating in an ecosystem that is just as bad. stop trying to preach to the rest of us about morality.

@Olivia I told my friends u got a 200 pound donation and they said "why did u do it eggy"

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