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tired: checking the permissions on your server because it’s good security hygiene wired: checking the permissions on your server because your meme won’t upload


We're now accepting applications for diversity/scholarship tickets! These are mostly virtual tickets but we do also have some in-person tickets available too. (1/3)


*walking up to a skeleton* Resting your weary bones or wearing your resty bones haha

It's called "", cause the articles are neither rare nor well done.

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Nebula (the creator-owned streaming service) is pretty cool. I like to see cool projects and cool people succeed 🤩

I'm very confident that the only reason a big swath of websites work on anything other than (Blink) is because Apple only allows on , so webdevs have to reluctantly test on multiple browsers and avoid Google's nonstandard features; for this reason only I hope Apple's able to avoid this proposed EU regulation and keep Blink off of iOS. I know it's anticompetitive, but it's actually the only thing preventing a total browser engine monoculture.

An animated chase scene containing two anthropomorphic panes of glass carrying a human baby, which the protagonist narrowly avoids crashing through.

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Getting a cookbook as a gift is great because it means you now need to get ~$200 in niche ingredients and Mindhunter yourself into the chef’s headspace.

i can play the bass 

tricks the fish into committing corporate espionage for me

Is there a word for the kind of relationship you have with someone where you have generally positive thoughts about them and think they are a genuinely good interesting person but have zero interest in any of the activities/bands/projects they talk about?

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