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We’re bowling today and I’ve said “that was a Super Bowl” like three times and no one appreciates it.

@catalina @packetcat

Food $200
Data $150
Rent $800
Bandcamp $3,600
Utility $150
someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my family is dying

JK because if I did this it would be more like "goodbye evenings and weekends and any chance of a low stress level"

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I decided to write a personal ethics statement that covers everything I write and publish:

If you're considering a domain name for your project, then there are three important steps to take:

1) Do not purchase an illegal .io domain
2) If you already have a .io domain, then please consider making a donation to the Chagossian People and their fight for justice and a return to their homeland.
3) Move your domain to something else, as soon as possible.

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“How to keep up with web development without falling into despair”

I wrote a bit yesterday on keeping up with web dev by stealing ideas and tactics from other fields.

did y'all hear about the British grocery store that installed some tilework to advertise fractal broccoli, and it was so beautiful it was immediately declared a world heritage site? if you get a chance you should absolutely go see the romanesco fresco at the UNESCO Tesco

each nft joke can be made precisely once and never copied

Let me slip into something more... comfortable. (steps on a banana peel and pratfalls into a jacuzzi)

My partner has the audacity to vacuum in the office while I'm hacking so I'm blasting Clown Core in retaliation.

a computer can never be held accountable

therefore a computer must never make a management decision

(IBM, 1979 slide)

who called it The Red Wedding and not Dancing with the Starks

Consider donating to this campaign giving no-strings-attached money to black women in Georgia:

Cool things about it:

- Comes from recommendations of a local community task force meant to address economic disparity
- There's explicitly no financial literacy training attached. These women know how to spend money, they just need it to spend
- The money given is no string attached. Agency!

The hero of prophecy: Okay, the next thing the oracle said we need is a magic pendant
Me, appearing suddenly in a puff of smoke to be the newest party member: Actually, you misheard....

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