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Some good hashtags to check out on the Fediverse:

#BreadPosting - Things people have baked

#DogsOfMastodon - Pictures of good bois

#Florespondence - Plants and flowers

#SFFBookClub - Discussing sci-fi and fantasy books

#MastoArt - Artists on the Fediverse

#Introduction & #Introductions - New people on here, say hello

#NP & #NowPlaying - Music tracks currently listened to

#Caturday - Pictures of cats on Saturdays

#Sporespondence - Mushrooms and other fungi

#SmallStories & #TootFic & #SmallPoems - Fiction and poetry short enough to fit into a toot

#Mosstodon - Pictures of moss

#BandcampFriday - Interesting artists on Bandcamp

#AmReading - Anything you are reading

#AmWriting - Anything you are writing

#AskMastodon & #AskFediverse - Requesting help or info from people on the Fedi

#VendrediLecture - French language discussion of books on Fridays

#MastoRadio - Italian language discussion of music

#FediTips #MastoTips #Hashtags

I feel al little conflicted about this honestly. I love RSS deeply. However, I don't like the dominance and control that many of these big platforms have and I feel like subscribing to their content, even via RSS, fuels these platforms.

At least you're not giving them tons of your personal data while you enjoy the content though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Do you prefer to buy DRM-free ebooks?

You can read them on any device you want, and they're not locked to a single vendor or company. You actually own them.

Here is a list of online bookshops that sell DRM-free ebooks, digital comics, and RPGs!

The CDC says you can now dereference pointers as long as they don't *look* null

It's difficult though. Much easier to know when your code is perfectly DRY than when you've written "good" abstractions.

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A good example from development is DRY. The goal is not to never repeat yourself. The goal is write good abstractions. DRY can go way too far and then stops being useful.

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One piece of advice I continue to want people to hear is: Keep trying to achieve _goals_ instead of the metrics you put in place to reach those goals.

I was really excited about Matrix replacing Slack/Discord/et al, but wow this is really not promising

:boost_ok: Kinda curious…

What’s your main OS?

The romps through Tea Time Magazine by @tripofmice are one of the best things on the fediverse. If you're not reading the, do yourself a favor:

Well, 2021 was another one of those years where things went great for me personally and for those I'm closest to, but shitty for lots of people around me and for the world at large. I am still managing to stave off the survivor's guilt by maintaining a stance of gratitude.

A social network but it’s all just webring links

food, improved product design 

kraft singles but they're packaged like toilet paper

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