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my kid just figured out how to put a full debian install on his school-issued locked-down chromebook. the first thing he did was install firefox which lets him bypass the school content blocker system (they did this as a browser extension rather than an OS-level firewall, oops). second thing was to put ublock origin on it, since somehow the school locked all the students out of installing ad blockers. (I know, right?)

anyway he's pretty stoked about it and wanting to learn more. he likes learning thru videos; can anyone recommend a video series for command-line basics? he's got some basic programming experience in Lua and knows HTML but has only very rudimentary shell exposure.

My response to “What is one thing people can do to make their website better?” on CSS-Tricks:

Tech workers, esp programmers. You have to remind yourself that you can afford to be like no I'm not going to do that unethical shit. It will often cost them a lot less to back down then it would to replace you.

I would like to try and write a paper on this whole / craze.

I would like a bunch of different articles and papers that I could use as sources for this paper, good and bad. I understand the basics of the couple popular ones but I do want to get a better understanding of this so I can try to explain cryptocurrency in terms a layman would understand without being super inaccurate.

I know this is a large project, it's why I'm asking for assistance. You may boost this request.

Gonna try updating Scribe to the latest Crystal and Lucky. Here's hoping it all goes well 🤞🏻

(while pressing the wrinkles out of various garments) this is so ironic

Because of an editing error involving a satirical text-swapping web browser extension, an earlier version of this article misquoted a passage from an article by the Times reporter Jim Tankersley. The sentence referred to America’s narrowing trade deficit during “the Great Recession,” not during “the Time of Shedding and Cold Rocks.” (Pro tip: Disable your “Millennials to Snake People” extension when copying and pasting.)

Kills me everytime.

This is a pretty cool idea for a platform

It's meant to be reminiscent of and hacker news but with a financial incentive to post legitimately useful content. You buy coins and each byte you post costs one coin. At the moment, 500,000 coins costs $1 USD so that's a rate of $0.000002 USD per byte of text.

Note that these are not cryptocurrency coins, though. They're just an arbitrary unit that represents the real money you spent on them.

Posts have a straight-forward fee, the one mentioned above. However, when someone replies to a post, half of the coins they spent go directly to the parent post, the one they're replying to. Half of what remains goes to their grandparent and half of what remains after that goes to their great-grandparent.

This model also has the benefit of discouraging trolls; poor content won't get any replies so they just end up losing money. Additionally, a digest of the best posts — the ones with the most interaction — is created and sent to subscribers at the end of the month. Poor-quality content created by trolls wouldn't show up there either.

Further still, authors that make it into the monthly digest receive a reward proportional to their content's yield :akko_fingerguns:

And above all, it's open source and written in #Go :blobfoxaww:

joke, sexual, BDSM 

Who decided to call it a Dominatrix instead of a

thot leader

1975: "Let's build the Internet, a network that can survive a nuclear war!"
2021: "Let's host everything on the server of this one discount bookshop!"

I was a guest on The Bike Shed this week:

We talked about what it's like to be a manager,, and a listener question about how to encourage/teach/spread empathy. I think it came out pretty good!

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