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Mini apple pies and my new favorite pies 🥧

Tender wheat crust and delicious cinnamon apple filling in the middle, it’s like an apple pie decided to be a flaky cookie!

Don't remember where I found this (possibly here?) but this food history timeline is a gem and why I still love the internet.

"Being able to fix something you’re forced to endure creates an immediate and appreciable improvement on your quality of life. And that’s important."

By @ericwbailey .

Sounds like Google AMP is on the way out. Please, please let the door hit you, AMP. Like, hard.

a tls handshake is like letting the cat sniff your hand before petting them

If we can use SSH to log in on servers, why can't we use it to log in on websites?

getting an influencer vaccine so I don't go viral

We had a training at work a while back and I've been thinking about the way identity and privilege fit together ever since.

Finally got it all down into words:

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