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it‘s always „why combinator“ but no one ever asks how combinator

There's a basin with a drain and faucet attached waiting on your front porch. Let that sink in.

*getting an mri* ew no haha I look ugly delete that one

Emily Dickinson & Pokémon 

A friend told me that Emily Dickinson wrote her poems in common meter, so it's possible to sing them to the tune of the Pokémon theme song intro.

So I then had to look one up and try:

LOL I am dead 😂 🤣

"'do as thou wilt' shall be the whole of the law" means there ain't no rule that says a dog can't play basketball

Take me down to tautology city where I've been taken down to tautology city

Well, son, that thing out in the middle of the lake is called an island, and the rest of the lake isn'tland.

"Logon" is derived from the Greek "logos" ("speech") because when people log on they forget how to shut the fuck up

I don't give a fuck about self-driving cars.

I want free, public, A+ quality transport for everyone and cities that don't project mobility as "having a car"

Did you all see that eccentric movie about improv comedy with all the symmetrical shots? 

I think it was directed by Yes And-erson

My challenge to web developers is this: I should be able to type as fast into your text input as I can into a plain-old <input> or <textarea> with no JavaScript handlers on them. If I can't, then the event handlers should be debounced, and/or they should do less JavaScript work.

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