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illegal black midi be like (this is dial-up modem transcribed 💀)

The Age of Worry cover by Yebba starts out with about a minute and a half a nice little song, then proceeds to change keys 3 times and have a bunch of extremely cool tri-tone substations and other gnarly chords. Well worth a listen:

TIL: Federation of Democratic Instances (FeDI). "Members of FeDI are those instances that have completed a democratization process and operate as a cooperative democracy."

Please, someone make an alternative frontend to Atlassian products.

In the continuing saga of "US-based developers don't give a fuck about international users who need other keyboard layouts to be able to user their computers":

This is such a recurring issue that whenever I encounter it (which is regularly) my response is always "okay, which fucking electron app is hijacking my keyboard shortcuts with some global shortcut bullshit this time?"

Because it's always an electron app.

(Global shortcuts should be off by default.)

@cinebox I'm not sure how you did this, but even the word "favorited" is backwards.

when encountering the word "disrupt," mentally substituting "jokerfy"

@edwardloveall one time I reported to ash that I couldn't see someone's reply when signed in; turns out I had blocked them and forgot 😄

Why don't I see the same boost (or favorite) count as someone else? A few reasons:

* Your instance blocks the booster's instance
* The booster has their posting privacy restricted
* Decentralized communication is hard lol

can I watch NETFLIX if I haven't seen NETFI–NETFLVIII ?

I wish I could sort apps in the App Store by bundle size. All the good apps are small.

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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I read a post a while back talking about how golang (unfortunately) trades correctness for simplicity. I can't find it though and I was hoping to reference it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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